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  • Who Else Wants to Visit Moscow in March?

    Winter lingers in Moscow just a little longer, making March a magical time to visit. Just remember to bring your warm winter clothes and prepare to experience Russian culture. The Moscow Maslenitsa Festival While the exact timing changes every year, March often welcomes The Moscow Maslenitsa Festival. This is the Russian equivalent of Mardi gras or Carnival and is a delightful festival held in the Red Square. Traditional dancing, log contests, sledding, bonfires, fireworks, and food make ... read more

  • Get Rid of Pickpockets Once and For All!

    Nothing ruins a vacation faster than realizing your valuables have been stolen! Reaching to pay for a souvenir only to find you have been pick pocketed can change your entire trip. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these simple tricks to get rid of pickpockets once and for all! 1. Leave your valuables in a safe. Stow away valuables in the hotel safe or a furnished apartment room safe if available. Only take what you need for a day trip with you and don’t wear flashy jewellery while out ... read more

  • Three Places Locals Like to Visit in Tallinn Estonia

    Following tourist destination guides can be a lot of fun. But you’re more likely to understand the local culture if you visit the landmarks they cherish. Here we list three places the locals like to visit in Tallinn when they have time off work. #1 Roof of Linnahall The Soviets built the roof of Linnahall to serve as a regatta for the 1980 Olympics to watch the boating events. The roof is a demonstration of excellent concrete work. More than that, the locals love to hangout on the roof ... read more

  • Five Tips for Travelling Internationally with Cash or Credit Cards

    Is the passport renewed? Do I have my visas? Travelling internationally has enough worries so follow these five tips (plus a bonus tip) to make travelling with cash and credit cards less stressful. #1 Tip for Travelling with Cash or Credit Cards Always ask the merchant, apartment hotel, or restaurant to charge the bill in local currency. Your bank will convert the payment at a reasonable exchange rate, either by ATM or on your bank statement. The normal fee for foreign transactions is 3% a ... read more

  • Three Reasons to Contact Customer Service to Book Your Accommodations

    Even seasoned travelers make rookie mistakes from time-to-time when booking reservations. Take chance out of booking reservations by contacting customer service when making plans to stay away from home. Keep reading for our top three reasons to contact a booking agent. Reason #1: Reserve the Right Location When travelling to a new location it’s easy to book accommodations in the wrong location. Being stuck in an apartment or hotel far away from the places you want to see or public tr ... read more

  • Spend New Year’s Eve in Zurich, Switzerland

    Fireworks, good food, family and friends toasting in the New Year. This is the traditional scene everywhere on the Eve of the New Year. But, if you want to go all out, and celebrate in style, then Zurich, Switzerland is the place to be this New Year’s Eve! Why Spend New Year’s Eve in Zurich? Zurich is the ideal setting with mountains peaks as the backdrop for midnight fireworks that reflect off Lake Zurich. Many people spend the day skiing before returning to one of the event’s spons ... read more

  • Three Reasons to Visit the Christmas City This Holiday Season

    Winter wonderlands, Christmas Markets, and delicious food shared with family and friends make the holiday season special. Regardless of your family traditions, Christmas City offers festivities and opportunities to make new traditions. What better way to spend your holidays than in the land of Santa Claus! So, where does Santa live? In Finland, of course! And Helsinki offers all the best Christmas activities to help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Here are our top five reasons to ... read more

  • Five Tips for Travelling with Older Children During the Holidays

    Last month we gave seven tips for travelling with toddlers during the holidays. While older children are a little more independent, they still present a challenge when travelling. With age comes a mind of their own, a wish for freedom combined with a need for togetherness. So now we give you five tips for traveling with older children. Hopefully, these tips may help your holidays be a little less bumpy this year! 1. Freedom to Choose with Limitations Older children love to feel like they hav ... read more

  • Seven Tips for Travelling with Toddlers During the Holidays

    Holiday travel is upon us and its chaotic to maneuver airports and other transportation. Add to that chaos the needs of a toddler or two and it can be downright nerve wrecking. Rather than pull your hair out this holiday season, try the following seven tips to make your holiday travel with toddlers a lot smoother for everyone. 1. Give Yourself and Your Toddlers Extra Time Plan extra time into your travel itinerary. Toddlers love to look and experience everything they see! Avoid unnecessary ... read more

  • Sophia Bulgaria: Leading City for EU Tourism and IT Technology

    The capital and largest city of Bulgaria is Sophia. This city has a population of 1.26 million and is the home of many cultural institutions and universities. The last few years has seen tourism increase in the country and business start-ups increase in the city. Tourism in Bulgaria Overnight stays in Bulgaria increased 18% for year-on-year numbers in the first half of 2016, with over 8 million overnight stays. Revenues also increased 15% (BGN 3.4B) in the first seven months compared with ... read more

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