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  • Three Reasons to Fall in Love with Odessa’s Spa Culture

    Odessa is Ukraine’s fifth largest city and often referred to as the “Pearl of the Black Sea”. On the Gulf of Odessa, the Northwestern shore of the Black Sea, this port city is alive with spa culture, high end hotels, and nightlife. We recommend staying in one of our affordable luxury apartments while enjoying all that Odessa offers. Need more convincing? Check out our top three reasons to fall in love with Odessa’s spa culture. 1. Weather: Odessa boasts of a semi-arid climate with mi ... read more

  • Must Have Mobile Office Gear for the Bleisure Lifestyle

    Travelling and working now go together for many professionals. With Bleisure travel growing in popularity, it’s important to get the right mobile office gear. We have the scoop on mobile office gear with a small footprint, but can handle any work load. While we won’t recommend what brand to buy, we will point out the best options for your gear. 1. Chuck the Briefcase for a Backpack: With the right backpack, you can still look professional while safeguarding your valuables. Choose a backpa ... read more

  • Three Amazing Activities in Akureyri, Iceland You Don’t Want to Miss

    Akureyri is Iceland’s second largest city. But with only 20,000 citizens, the city feels more like a quaint town. Don’t let the size fool you. This town is bustling with activity and boasts of the best skiing in Iceland. While winter activities excite the imagination, Akureyri offers amazing activities all year. Here is our favorite three! 1. Visit Laufás Turf Homes: These amazing homes were built in 1865. They show how Icelanders lived before modern homes. The unit is several homes buil ... read more

  • Eight Things to Consider During a Heat Wave and Three Problems to Avoid

    Even as Autumn is approaching, it’s common to experience a late season heat wave. Unfortunately, it’s also common to be distracted and not pay attention to health while enjoying vacation adventures. Be prepared with these heat wave safety tips any time of year. How to Prepare for a Heat Wave Check local weather forecasts often while on vacation. Set the weather app on your smartphone to the local forecast, or watch the news each morning to know what to expect. If a heat wave is coming, ... read more

  • Tour the Year-Round Party in Lviv, the Cultural Capital of Ukraine

    Welcome to Lviv, the cultural capital of Ukraine with contemporary to classical art and everything in between these styles. Festivals abound year round and tourists become regulars, returning month after month to soak in the culture and delicacies. If this sounds like an intriguing adventure to you, you’re not alone. But like many who visit this cultural hotspot, you may not know where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with four tours that will help you get a taste of everyth ... read more

  • Ten Essential Water Safety Tips for Your Vacation Getaway

    Summer is here and with the heat comes water activities! Whether travelling abroad or visiting a local water theme park, we have ten water safety tips to keep your family safe on your next vacation getaway. 1. Learn to swim and know what level of water you are comfortable. Many people never take formal swimming lessons instead relying on instincts. But fatigue and other factors can put you at risk if you don’t know how to swim or what to do if you get a cramp while in the water. Play it saf ... read more

  • Three Relaxing Activities in Kiev that Will Make You Smile

    Whether on vacation, business, or bleisure you must find time for activities that make you smile. Lucky for you when visiting Ukraine there is plenty of activities to enjoy while relaxing from your busy schedule. Here we highlight five relaxing activities in Kiev that will make you smile. 1. St Cyrill’s Monastery The monastery, built in the 12th century, is an amazing example of frescos from the period. They were restored in the late 70s and boast of 800 square meters of paintings from M ... read more

  • Three Ways to Be a Frugal Foodie Abroad

    Travelling abroad has so many perks; meeting new people, seeing incredible sights, and sampling the world’s best foods. But all that sampling can add up pretty quickly. Rather than spend all your extra cash on dining out, consider these three ways you can be a frugal foodie abroad. 1. Rent a Furnished Apartment with Complete Kitchen The best way to be a frugal foodie abroad is to rent a fully furnished apartment. That means the kitchen will be fully stocked with all the utensils, pots, a ... read more

  • Don’t Miss the Perfect Day in Florence Italy

    Florence is an amazing city in an equally amazing country offering something for every taste. If you are a cyclist or just a biking enthusiast, we have the perfect day planned for you! Even if you don’t get on a bike, these locations are sure to please. Spend the Day Biking the Tuscan Countryside We suggest taking a bike tour through the Tuscan Countryside. You will see olive groves, vineyards, and taste amazing foods. Some tour companies will arrange a private tour allowing you to choos ... read more

  • Do You Bleisure Travel?

    It is well known business professionals are workaholics. Many business travellers jet set for meetings and seminars, only to hop right back on the plane and return to work. Even vacation time is spent checking in at the office and answering emails. But a new trend is emerging. That trend is the Bleisure Traveller. What is Bleisure? Bleisure is the blending of business travel and personal time. Many professionals are using vacations days at the beginning or end of business travel. This all ... read more

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