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  • Don’t Miss the Perfect Day in Florence Italy

    Florence is an amazing city in an equally amazing country offering something for every taste. If you are a cyclist or just a biking enthusiast, we have the perfect day planned for you! Even if you don’t get on a bike, these locations are sure to please. Spend the Day Biking the Tuscan Countryside We suggest taking a bike tour through the Tuscan Countryside. You will see olive groves, vineyards, and taste amazing foods. Some tour companies will arrange a private tour allowing you to choos ... read more

  • Do You Bleisure Travel?

    It is well known business professionals are workaholics. Many business travellers jet set for meetings and seminars, only to hop right back on the plane and return to work. Even vacation time is spent checking in at the office and answering emails. But a new trend is emerging. That trend is the Bleisure Traveller. What is Bleisure? Bleisure is the blending of business travel and personal time. Many professionals are using vacations days at the beginning or end of business travel. This all ... read more

  • What Does Finland, Italy, New Zealand, and Russia have in Common?

    No, it’s not the beginning to a bad joke. Besides being four countries where we offer amazing luxury apartments, they made Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Lists for the best places to travel in 2017. We couldn’t agree more! Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017: Top Cities Pistoia, Italy is rated sixth on Lonely Planet’s list for recently earning the title of Italy’s Capital of Culture. Moscow, Russia falls in at number nine for its new construction, better public transportation, and hosting ... read more

  • Three Tips to Help You Travel the Airways Like a Pro

    Airlines are competing for customers by reducing Trans-Atlantic flights, making this year the year to travel. If you will be one of the many taking advantage of lower airfares to take that long-awaited vacation, we have three tips that will make your flight more enjoyable. Tip #1: Price Alerts Use price alerts when planning a trip to get the best prices on airfare. A great way to get the best deals if you have some time before you need to book is by downloading the Hopper app. This award-w ... read more

  • If You Plan to Work Abroad, You Must Read These Four Tips!

    Whether you plan to work abroad short-term or permanently, you must read these four tips for making a big move. Work Abroad Tip #1: Set Up Your Network Before Moving The first step in moving abroad to work is to look for contacts on LinkedIn. Search for people you already know who can introduce you to companies in your country of choice. If you don’t have connections already, reach out to new people who can connect you. Keep your communication professional and honest. Work Abroad Tip ... read more

  • You Don’t Have to be a Football Fan to Visit St. Petersburg this June, but it Helps!

    Russia is a hotbed of activity as St. Petersburg prepares for the FIFA Confederations Cup Tournament. The event takes place every four years. This year, the FIFA Confederations Cup Tournament is the warm-up for the 2018 World Cup which Russia is also hosting. To kick off the celebration, a flash mob flooded St. Petersburg’s Central Square. Flash Mob Dancing Tribute to The Nations Over 1,000 volunteers were on hand to coordinate a flash mob celebrating 100 days till the 2017 FIFA Co ... read more

  • Who Else Wants to Visit Moscow in March?

    Winter lingers in Moscow just a little longer, making March a magical time to visit. Just remember to bring your warm winter clothes and prepare to experience Russian culture. The Moscow Maslenitsa Festival While the exact timing changes every year, March often welcomes The Moscow Maslenitsa Festival. This is the Russian equivalent of Mardi gras or Carnival and is a delightful festival held in the Red Square. Traditional dancing, log contests, sledding, bonfires, fireworks, and food make ... read more

  • Get Rid of Pickpockets Once and For All!

    Nothing ruins a vacation faster than realizing your valuables have been stolen! Reaching to pay for a souvenir only to find you have been pick pocketed can change your entire trip. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these simple tricks to get rid of pickpockets once and for all! 1. Leave your valuables in a safe. Stow away valuables in the hotel safe or a furnished apartment room safe if available. Only take what you need for a day trip with you and don’t wear flashy jewellery while out ... read more

  • Three Places Locals Like to Visit in Tallinn Estonia

    Following tourist destination guides can be a lot of fun. But you’re more likely to understand the local culture if you visit the landmarks they cherish. Here we list three places the locals like to visit in Tallinn when they have time off work. #1 Roof of Linnahall The Soviets built the roof of Linnahall to serve as a regatta for the 1980 Olympics to watch the boating events. The roof is a demonstration of excellent concrete work. More than that, the locals love to hangout on the roof ... read more

  • Five Tips for Travelling Internationally with Cash or Credit Cards

    Is the passport renewed? Do I have my visas? Travelling internationally has enough worries so follow these five tips (plus a bonus tip) to make travelling with cash and credit cards less stressful. #1 Tip for Travelling with Cash or Credit Cards Always ask the merchant, apartment hotel, or restaurant to charge the bill in local currency. Your bank will convert the payment at a reasonable exchange rate, either by ATM or on your bank statement. The normal fee for foreign transactions is 3% a ... read more

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