Business Travel and Relationships

Business Travel and Relationships

Business Travel and Relationships

Business Travel and Relationships

Maintaining a business relationship requires a lot of work, including travel and time away from loved ones. So how do you also keep a strong relationship with loved ones while traveling often for work?

We have a few helpful tips to keep business travel from straining your relationships.

1. Sync Your Calendars- While you cannot share your business calendar, you can make sure all your business trips are logged in your personal calendar. Then your family can sync calendars to make planning family time at home easier. It also allows your family to know when and where you will be even if they can’t know the details of your trip.

2. Get Into a Routine- When you travel to the same location for work, find the best accommodations that offer the amenities you need, such as strong Internet. That way you will stay in contact with your family and they we feel confident about reaching you.

3. Schedule Regular Calls- The use of a family calendar cannot be stressed enough. Plan regular phone calls and log the meeting in your personal calendar so everyone in the family knows when you are available. Tip: Log the family phone calls into your work calendar too so you do not accidentally schedule a work function during call times.

4. Real Communication- When you and your loved ones talk stay away from the small stuff. Take a part of your conversations to talk over anything the spouse at home may be processing. Being apart from each other is hard and can strain the relationship, especially if one partner is caring for small children. Make it a priority to hear what is important to the stay-at-home spouse.

5. Prioritize Time with Your Loved Ones-
When you get time at home, make sure you spend quality time with your loved ones. There will always be chores or bills to handle, but your family needs your time too. So, plan an evening with the family where the focus is on building relationship. It can be as simple as making dinner together and playing a game or watching a movie. The point is to focus on spending quality time together and letting everything else go for a night.

It’s important to remember that every family is different. Some families may be better at maintaining relationships while one member is traveling. Other families may suffer. The important thing to remember is to be flexible. Review and change your travel and family plans as often as needed to keep successful business and family relationships.

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