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Red Apple Apartments on Trip Advisor (Our Success Story)

In June 2008 when we started this company with only a few cities, at that time we never imagined to reach this far. We commenced with only a few apartments but as we moved further more and more people started joining us in this journey and created this proud family of nearly 3000 properties in around 70 cities all over the Europe. Our company is all about setting high standards of living and delivering extraordinary customer services. These are the very principals of what we strive to do every d ... read more

Udlej din lejlighed i kortere perioder på en sikker måde

Rejsende længes efter unikke og personlige lejligheder til at bo i når de rejser. At bo som de lokale, er blevet mere populært de sidste par år. De vælger ofte lejligheder som et alternativ fremfor hoteller, da de fortrækker mere plads og muligheden for at møde andre rejsende på et mere personligt niveau. Red Apple Apartments har udlejet lejligheder til rejsende i København siden 2008. Udlejningsperioden rækker fra få nætter og op til få måneder. Alle lejligheder vi tilbyder, ... read more

List up Your Space!

Every year summer is a new awakening for every soul on this planet. Life takes over the streets in day and night. The active time for tourists and busiest time for those accommodating them. The time when options are unlimited and choices are lenient. The time when everyone is always looking up for more affordable, more comfortable and more reasonable options. Perfect opportunity for those who have the leverage to own some extra space.   If you own an extra property, or have a plan to take ... read more

The Big Red apple Family

Red Apple Apartments has come a long way since 2008 and now we are proud to have around two thousand five hundred apartments in over 60 major cities around Europe, which we call the Red Apple Cities, including Paris, Rome, London and Florence, as well as our best sellers Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo. And this list will keep on growing as we move along. During all these years we’ve earned a valuable experience which helps us offer a perfect platform for our clients in ... read more

Let us host you for the 2015 UEFA European Football Championship

The UEFA European Football Championship 2015 will be held in different venues across Europe the list of Matches with their venues can be viewed here. Millions of intrepid football fans from all over the world are expected to travel towards these cities of Europe. The finale will be played at the Olympiastadion, Berlin on Saturday 6 June 2015. If you are a football enthusiast, you will love to cheer with the Champs, bare the flag with the winners, celebrate the win in a corner café or a ... read more

10 reasons why you should rent a Red Apple Apartment rather than a hotel

Each apartment is totally unique; it’s like a home away from home! Apartment rental is much cheaper than staying in a hotel of a similar class. All our apartments have a kitchen. So you can shop the local produce and eat at home! You will have significantly more space to enjoy your holiday. Host a business meeting in the comforts of your own space. Feel like a local! You’ll get the opportunity to know the area as a local rather than just as a tourist! Apartments can be ideal f ... read more

Room Service

We've been thinking a lot about writing a little something for all of our wonderful apartment owners, just like our handy how to photograph your apartment guide. It's true that pictures say a thousand words - that's why it was your apartment they chose - but once the potential client becomes a guest it's not just the pictures they remember, but the little details. Those extras that they'd never even thought about but when they see them, they're eternally grateful. So now it's time to talk hospi ... read more

How to Photograph Your Apartment

Great photographs of your apartment will often lead a potential tenant to choose your apartment over another rental. Especially when you are trying to rent out property over the internet, photographs prove that the space is a real apartment and not an internet scam. But more than that, good photographs will prove that the apartment is also a livable home and serve as a warm invitation. But interior spaces are some of the most difficult subjects to photograph and when you are photographing ... read more

Many new apartments being listed in Reykjavik

We are working hard to add apartments in reykjavik these days. We already have 13 apartments but many more are being listed. Our aim is to offer the widest range of apartments available from small inexpensive studio apartments to big luxury apartments. Just so everyone can find something that suits them. ... read more