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Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Norway is not known for over the top warm weather. Instead, the temperatures stay cool most of the year. So, if you enjoy dressing warm and wearing fall sweaters, Norway is the perfect place for you to spend your Autumn. Need more reasons to holiday in Norway this fall? Read on for three reasons you need to visit Norway! 1. Autumn Colors Most people think of pine trees when considering Norway for viewing fall colors. Truth is, there are a lot of deciduous trees too. Not only do they tur ... read more

Tipping in RAA Service Countries Explained

Every country has rules on tipping for service. Some encourage generosity while other discourage tipping at all. Instead of wondering what the rule is when you visit one of our service locations, check out the list below and know what amount is appropriate to tip, if at all! EUROPE: Restaurants in Europe tend to include the tip in the service charge on the bill. While it is acceptable to leave a few Euros over, you are never expected to tip 20 percent. When using a taxi, round the fare up or ... read more

Five Nordic Hot Spots for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in the Nordic countries offers tourists a variety of celebrations. Spend time outdoors in a large event or settle into a cozy restaurant or bar. If you are looking to celebrate the New Year in style, read to the end for a bonus tip. There is a location you can celebrate twice in one night! 1. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen celebrates with a celebration at the town square Amalienborg, the Royal Palace. The Royal Guard dresses in the red gala uniforms for the Royal Guard Par ... read more

Four Amazing Cities to View Autumn in Europe

The northern hemisphere is cooling off this time of year. Tourism slows making sightseeing more enjoyable for those who prefer less crowds. If you enjoy quiet walks to take in all the fall colors, it’s the perfect time to visit Europe’s most beautiful fall cities. Budapest, Hungary Temperatures in Budapest linger around 70 degrees Fahrenheit/ 21 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect temperature to enjoy the many festivals in the region. Most of the tourists have returned home and th ... read more

Best of European City Breaks: OSLO

This year Oslo is our summer star for its diverse attributes that are seldom found together anywhere. It is number one choice of vacationers when it comes to a perfect family holiday for it’s aptness for any age group. Whether its nature’s adventures for the young ones ranging from hiking, cycling, skiing, boating, forest trails to its beautiful beaches, parks, museums and theme parks for children. Booming nightlife, top-notch restaurants and buzzing bar culture for some adult time and thriv ... read more

Star of the White Night: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s western most city and the classiest corner of Europe. Its historical architect gives a perfect theatrical character to this city. St. Petersburg also owns the privilege to host the Star of the White Nights Festival. Every summer during the mid-night sun Russia celebrates one of the biggest international arts festival in its 2nd largest city which also hosts the largest public participation in Russia for up to one million from inside as well as outside the country. Th ... read more

The Festive City Of Oslo

Oslo boasts the exquisite locale on water front amongst the Oslo fjord and woodlands, presenting its visitors with different array of panoramas. Dynamic architecture, grand museums, astonishing landmarks, glitzy nightlife, and sublime natural wonders, Oslo has everything a conventional European capital has to offer. As soon as the first beam of sun meets the land in early spring, the people start to prepare for different festivities that are going to occupy the wonderful outdoors of the city wit ... read more

The Big Red Apple Family

Red Apple Apartments have come a long way since 2008 and now we are proud to have nearly two thousand apartments in over 60 major cities around Europe which we call the Red Apple Cities including Paris, Rome, London and Florence, as well as our best sellers Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo and this list will keep on growing as we move along. All these years we’ve earned a valuable experience as a company which helped us offer a perfect platform for our clients in find ... read more

FIS Nordic World Ski Championships

Hosted since 1925, the Nordic World Ski Championships is probably the most prestigious event of its kind. The contest, which includes cross country skiing, ski jumping and Nordic combined is hosted at Holmenkollen. The arena underwent major renovations last year, after an open architecture competition  Julien de Smedt Architects' design was named the winner.   Now Holmenkollen is referred to as the World's most modern ski jump. Some even say that it's the 3rd best known sporting arena, followi ... read more

Neighborhood Profile - Oslo's Grünerløkka

No one's ever doubted Oslo's cool factor. "Trendy" is hardly the word to describe the coolness of this capital city with a great college town vibe. The capital of Norway's capital of cool is the Grünerløkka neighborhood, a former mill town with a surprisingly cheery exterior. Like in a lot of post-industrial parts of town, when the factories left, the creative types moved in to Grünerløkka and brought with them a revitalization that makes the industrial look of the neighborhood somehow brigh ... read more