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How to Spend the Summer in France and Never Get Bored

Have you ever stayed somewhere long-term and found yourself in a rut, doing the same things repeatedly? Don’t get bogged down in sensory overload. Instead, follow our tips on how to spend the Summer in France and never get bored. Start a Conversation The best thing to do is start a conversation with anyone and everyone you meet. Friendliness will go a long way towards forging new relationships and learning about the local culture, customs, and events. These spontaneous conversations may ... read more

Tipping in RAA Service Countries Explained

Every country has rules on tipping for service. Some encourage generosity while other discourage tipping at all. Instead of wondering what the rule is when you visit one of our service locations, check out the list below and know what amount is appropriate to tip, if at all! EUROPE: Restaurants in Europe tend to include the tip in the service charge on the bill. While it is acceptable to leave a few Euros over, you are never expected to tip 20 percent. When using a taxi, round the fare up or ... read more

Halloween Traditions around Europe

Halloween has become a huge holiday tradition and a boosted business over the centuries in the western world. Stores, malls and restaurants decorate their windows with Halloween gadgets; bakers and cafes cook up some special Halloween style desserts and candies; Supermarkets deck out special Halloween shelves for jack-o'-lanterns and trick-or-treating stuff. Here are some unique Halloween trends celebrated by some European countries: England Halloween over the years took many different shape ... read more

Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer is full of outdoor activities everyone wants to make as much out of this time as possible. Kids take out their trip planners and maps while parents cherry pick the right kind of holiday home for the family at their chosen destination. Red Apple Apartments provide you just that and much more. Read below our insight on how we think you should be spending this lovely time of the year. Festivals n Parties: Summer time, Party time; Festivals and parties are at peak during summer spannin ... read more

Accommodation for Cannes Film Festival 2015

Ravishing crowds of prestigious stars, accomplished directors, perspicacious critiques, and sparingly keen paparazzi, all have set Cannes as their next destination in their planners for the Cannes Film festival 2015, the most significant event in the history of Filmography. The dates are announced for the event with the screening details. Though the official dates are 13th to 24th May but this French Riviera is going to be the rostrum for screening squalls, eventful gatherings and all sorts of f ... read more

Tips on travelling with kids: DOs and DON’Ts

Travelling with kids is a tricky job. You have to cater for their needs and make sure they are enjoying a safe environment in a way that doesn’t spoil their experience because once their mood is upset your whole trip can tumbledown. Kids thrive on adventure, they take travelling so seriously, they would want everything that can make it the best experience of their life and if they are happy your journey is guaranteed to be a pleasant one. Following are some tips to make it possible: What to ... read more

It's still sunny in congress Cannes!

There are a number of good reasons to head to the French Riveria in the next few weeks.  Well for starters, it's still mostly sunny and the peak summer season crowds have all gone home and back to business, so you can have all the beautiful beaches and Rue d'Antibes for your pleasure.  But you may just as well be going to Cannes on business - lucky you - to attend one of the congresses staged at Palais des Festivals. And the good news is that Red Apple Apartments has a fantastic selection o ... read more

Do you want your Christmas served warm or cold?

We can't decide. Winter is usually something in the middle here in southern Sweden, though it was a pleasantly snowy day today. It will probably be gone by tomorrow and then we'll be thinking about going all the way with the winter wonderland thing, which is why we're thinking we should check out some of our new apartments in St. Petersburg. Or maybe icy Helsinki might satisfy our craving for hot design. That said, we also opened Cannes last month and a French Riviera Christmas might be just ... read more