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Tipping in RAA Service Countries Explained

Every country has rules on tipping for service. Some encourage generosity while other discourage tipping at all. Instead of wondering what the rule is when you visit one of our service locations, check out the list below and know what amount is appropriate to tip, if at all! EUROPE: Restaurants in Europe tend to include the tip in the service charge on the bill. While it is acceptable to leave a few Euros over, you are never expected to tip 20 percent. When using a taxi, round the fare up or ... read more

London is Swinging into Bloom for Chelsea Flower Show and Wimbledon

London is the destination for spring activity. Whether traveling for business or leisure, London offers all the distractions needed for an evening out or day trip. Want more information on things to do in London? Visit our blog article, London Calling, for great activity ideas. Royal Horticultural Society’s 2016 Chelsea Flower Show If you are visiting London during the latter part of May, check out the RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Queen Elizabeth is a patron of RHS and a regular visitor ... read more

Halloween Traditions around Europe

Halloween has become a huge holiday tradition and a boosted business over the centuries in the western world. Stores, malls and restaurants decorate their windows with Halloween gadgets; bakers and cafes cook up some special Halloween style desserts and candies; Supermarkets deck out special Halloween shelves for jack-o'-lanterns and trick-or-treating stuff. Here are some unique Halloween trends celebrated by some European countries: England Halloween over the years took many different shape ... read more

London Calling

London is the European capital of cultures. The city literally holds a corner for each group to conduct their cultural activities. Be it the touristy City Centre, posh Knightsbridge, hipster Camden Town, Arabic Edgeware Road, China Town of Leicester square, Eastern Ilford or Indian South, London thrives on its cultural diversity. As shoulder season is about to start some people might argue that it doesn’t make a difference when it comes to big cities like Paris, Rome or London but we would ... read more


Everyone’s been singing summer songs for a long time. Now, when summer is giving us signs of goodbyes and the chilly autumn breezes will be blowing by the windows , we are obliged to look forward to the blue evenings and chilly days of winter. But don’t get all gloomy as winter is often greatly underestimated when it comes to all the fun you can have. Let us remind you of all that can be done during winters. Where summer offers great festivals, sunny days and sandy beaches, winters ... read more

RHS Chelsea Flower Show: London

London is famous for its beautiful vast green Gardens and parks. And often there are many events and activities held amongst these green spaces. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is one of them and the most aesthetically pleasing event you can ever attend. This show is all about gardening trends, horticulture advancements and flower and plant shows. It is held every year in London at Chelsea Royal Hospital since 1913 and witnessed by nearly 150,000 people from all over the world including The Queen h ... read more

Major European Events of 2015

2015 is at our doorstep, soon the merriment of Christmas and New Year will be over and people will start gearing up for the next season. Let us bring you the most anticipated events of 2015 across Europe’s most fascinating towns: Expo 2015 (Milan): Being the host of Expo 2015 Milan, the fashion capital of the world, is going to be more about brains than beauty this year. Universal exposition or “Expo” originated from England after the industrial revolution, making London the 1st ... read more

Christmas Traditions Around Europe

Christmas traditions vary from country to country and over the years Christmas has taken quite a unique shape in terms of customs and celebrations. Let’s look at some of the major celebrations of Christmas across Europe: Christmas Décor (trees and lights): The Christmas fever starts from mid-November when retailers start to deck out for holiday season. The main European shopping streets try to give each other run for their money in decorating the buildings and shops. According to a survey av ... read more

Christmas Shopping in London

Though it’s the quaint and quiet fall but Christmas bells are whispering through its dry winds as December is fast approaching. We witness the excitement kicking in as the Christmas colors are seen in the ad campaigns and display windows of big retailers already. Shoppers have steered themselves for hours of gaits through the long shopping streets of London to secure themselves and their beloved one the best buy. London gained popularity as an ultimate shopping city long before any others ... read more

70th D-Day Celebrations (Normandy): Perfect Day Trip from Paris

Who’s not familiar with the significance of the D-Day in the Battle of Normandy during 2nd World War! For us it’s the long period of 70 years back in the past but the veterans who witnessed and participated in this event they are often observed describing the proceedings of that day as if it was yesterday. it’s an annual event but this year the celebrations are going to be even more momentous as 2014 maybe the last year to honor the brave soldiers who participated in the event and those w ... read more