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Shopping in Europe, The Fashion Hub

Spring is believed to be the shopping season, when everyone starts to prepare for upcoming summers, retailers fill up their rows with new stock, put the winter stock on sale, shoppers brushing off their winter laziness ready to stroll those busy high streets. All sorts of major shopping activity happens during these months. Europe is the fashion capital of the world, many big names of the fashion industry have their roots in Europe including Dior, Versace, Chanel, Prada, Louis Vuitton etc. Euro ... read more

The Big Red Apple Family

Red Apple Apartments have come a long way since 2008 and now we are proud to have nearly two thousand apartments in over 60 major cities around Europe which we call the Red Apple Cities including Paris, Rome, London and Florence, as well as our best sellers Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo and this list will keep on growing as we move along. All these years we’ve earned a valuable experience as a company which helped us offer a perfect platform for our clients in find ... read more

Queen of the parks; London's Hyde Park

London’s city parks are considered one of the best parks around the world and Hyde Park being at the center of the green belt of London Parks and one of our personal favorite is indeed the queen of London’s city parks. Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens are adjacent to each other in way that will sometime confuse you as there are no walls or boundaries between the two Gardens. These twin parks cover the total area of 625 acres housing the capacity for all kinds of activities from informa ... read more

Tips on travelling with kids: DOs and DON’Ts

Travelling with kids is a tricky job. You have to cater for their needs and make sure they are enjoying a safe environment in a way that doesn’t spoil their experience because once their mood is upset your whole trip can tumbledown. Kids thrive on adventure, they take travelling so seriously, they would want everything that can make it the best experience of their life and if they are happy your journey is guaranteed to be a pleasant one. Following are some tips to make it possible: What to ... read more

A Month of Festivals: Edinburgh

Who isn’t aware of the glorious past and cultural richness of England? Proud Englishmen never lose the chance to cherish and boast about it to the world; we saw the glimpse of it in the opening ceremony of Olympics 2012. Hats off to Danny Boyle But there’s only so much you can show in few hours’ ceremony. If you missed that great show of Britain’s talent and creativity, don’t worry, chances are never lost. You can catch up on it at Edinburgh’s world famous August festive spree.  Red ... read more

An exotic journey through Camden Town

Talk about a trip to London and what comes to mind? Obviously, The London Eye, the  Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey, Museums and all those world famous landmarks. But this time let us take you off the beaten track and bring a very exotic place into lime light for you. It’s the bohemian Camden Town. Camden town is considered one of the major centres of alternative-culture in Europe and is known for its bizarre fashion collections, including Vintage, Goth, Cyber, Emo and Club-wear. Dark ... read more

London Olympics 2012

London is voted to be one of the most recommended cities to visit this summer out of all Red Apple Cities as it hosts the greatest sporting event in the history: The Olympics 2012. Athletes from 204 nations and millions of sports lovers from all over the world are expected to participate in this mega event. London has been preparing for this for more than six years, since it won the bid for Olympics on July 6th 2005. This multi cultured City is stacked up with the greatest attractions in ... read more