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Experience Glacier Hiking Near Bergen, Norway

Glacier hiking can be a smooth walk over a thousand-year-old dessert of ice or a climb over 20-meter high bluffs. The feat is in finding the right route for you. Those who trek through the glacier fall (Juklavass glacier) experience flat ice that seems calm but it changes quietly underneath or more challenging crevasse areas. Your guide will help select the difficulty level of your hike depending on the members in the group. The test is in moving together with your party to climb icy slope ... read more

Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts of stunning mountain backdrops and iconic ski resorts. But winter is not the only time to experience this wonderland. Summer offers a deluge of activities for those hoping for adventure. Check out our top three summer experiences. 1. Take a Dip in Crystalline Waters Switzerland is the quintessential country for swimmers as the next refreshing pool is seldom further than 10 miles. Whether visiting The Bodensee with the local holidayer or heading towards any city centre ... read more

Visit the Oskar Schindler Factory in Krakow, Poland

Krakow is a significant location in Poland. Spielberg’s award-winning film,  Schindler’s List, pays homage to the events and people affected during World War Two (WWII) in this historic city. Today, the Oskar Schindler Factory houses a museum of the Holocaust. The museum offers video testimonies, interactive displays, and graphic images to document the Nazis’ arrival in 1939 through the liberation of Krakow in 1945. When travelling to the city, buy a Krakow Tourist Card. A two- o ... read more

Ten Tips for Travelling Abroad with Medication

Travelling with medication can be a hassle if you are not aware of the regulations in your destination country. Take no chances, follow these ten tips for a stress-free trip. 1. Keep the originals: When travelling abroad with prescription medication keep them in the original packaging.  If the medicine comes with an instruction leaflet, carry it with the prescription. 2. Keep a copy of the prescription: Make a photocopy of your original prescription. Carry the copy with your medications ... read more

Come Experience Turkish Hospitality This Summer

Repeatedly we hear customers rave about Turkish hospitality and for good reason. The lovely people of Turkey treat every visitor as God’s guest, regardless of religion or language spoken. These gentle and loving people are kind and helpful towards foreigners. This hospitality does not apply only to tourists. Turkish men greet each other with a kiss on both cheeks. Elders are respected and cherished by the youth. Perhaps elders are cherished because the culture is family oriented with parent ... read more

How to Spend the Summer in France and Never Get Bored

Have you ever stayed somewhere long-term and found yourself in a rut, doing the same things repeatedly? Don’t get bogged down in sensory overload. Instead, follow our tips on how to spend the Summer in France and never get bored. Start a Conversation The best thing to do is start a conversation with anyone and everyone you meet. Friendliness will go a long way towards forging new relationships and learning about the local culture, customs, and events. These spontaneous conversations may ... read more

Top 10 Tips for Driving in Foreign Countries

Exploring a country is exciting. While a new traveler may stick to public transportation to get around, you might rent a car and go off the beaten path to one not always written into travel logs. Lucky for you we have the top ten tips for driving in foreign countries. We even included a tip on when not to use a rental car! 1. Research Your Options before Leaving Home Rules of the road vary by country so study those rules before deciding to rent a car. Check on what licenses and insurance y ... read more

More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country

While Belgium may be best known for waffles, the country boasts of beautiful scenery and a quirky sense of humor. We have picked three of our favorite spots in Belgium to entice you to this sweet country. Family Fun in the Ardennes The villages, hills, and valleys of the Ardennes is the perfect place for resting and playing. There are plenty of paths for walking and cycling. For those more adventurous, the River Lesse is shallow with a strong enough current to carry the family downstream w ... read more

10 Tips for Travelling by Railway

Railway travel is an affordable adventure in many countries. But if you have never ridden on a railway, it can be a challenge too. We compiled a list of 10 tips for travelling by railway to make your adventure more enjoyable. 1. Take Along Snacks. Some trains will run with dining cars, others will allow vendors to board for a few minutes during stops to sell snacks. Regardless, the selection is limited so don’t expect healthy choices. The best thing to do is bring along healthy snacks for t ... read more

Seven Ways to Choose the Best Seat for Your Flight

Frequent fliers often learn the best ways to choose a seat on airplanes. For those of you that fly infrequently or have not learned the secrets yet, we will tell you how to find the best seats for your needs. 1. Ask to Select Your Seat at Booking. Many airlines will allow you to select your seat while booking tickets online. Review the floor plan of the plane to choose the best seats for your flight. While standard for most flights, a few airlines will charge an added fee. 2. Avoid the Mid ... read more