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Tipping in RAA Service Countries Explained

Every country has rules on tipping for service. Some encourage generosity while other discourage tipping at all. Instead of wondering what the rule is when you visit one of our service locations, check out the list below and know what amount is appropriate to tip, if at all! EUROPE: Restaurants in Europe tend to include the tip in the service charge on the bill. While it is acceptable to leave a few Euros over, you are never expected to tip 20 percent. When using a taxi, round the fare up or ... read more

Four Amazing Cities to View Autumn in Europe

The northern hemisphere is cooling off this time of year. Tourism slows making sightseeing more enjoyable for those who prefer less crowds. If you enjoy quiet walks to take in all the fall colors, it’s the perfect time to visit Europe’s most beautiful fall cities. Budapest, Hungary Temperatures in Budapest linger around 70 degrees Fahrenheit/ 21 degrees Celsius. This is the perfect temperature to enjoy the many festivals in the region. Most of the tourists have returned home and th ... read more

3 Reasons to Visit Prague in June

Prague is the capital of the Czech Republic and 14th largest city in the European Union. Aside from being compared to great cities like Vienna and Washington D.C., it’s named 6th of the Top 25 Destinations of the World by Trip Advisor for 2016. Read below for our three favorite reasons for this award. Take the Museum Night Challenge Prague boasts of ten major museums and dozens of galleries and cultural centers. Every June, these institutions open for one night of free admission. Thi ... read more

Halloween Traditions around Europe

Halloween has become a huge holiday tradition and a boosted business over the centuries in the western world. Stores, malls and restaurants decorate their windows with Halloween gadgets; bakers and cafes cook up some special Halloween style desserts and candies; Supermarkets deck out special Halloween shelves for jack-o'-lanterns and trick-or-treating stuff. Here are some unique Halloween trends celebrated by some European countries: England Halloween over the years took many different shape ... read more

Prague 70th Spring International Music Festival 2015

Prague needs no introduction for holiday lovers as it is one of the most popular European tourist destinations. The medieval city of Prague treats it's visitors with attractions: castles, towers, museums, a medieval Astronomical Clock, traditional and modern cuisine. It is famous for its historic heritage and picturesque hills and valleys. Red Apple Apartments recommends you to visit this multi-faceted city which provides you with a mix of classical culture with contemporary adaptation. ... read more

Tropical greenhouse Fata Morgana: Prague

The beauty and tranquility of Botanical gardens has always attracted nature lovers looking for serene visit away from crowds and keen learners who can observe interesting plants and informative signs. But very few gardens house a zoo and tropical rain forests. So now, you don’t have to travel to the faraway lands of Africa and America to have a tropical experience, “Fata Morgana Greenhouse”, a tropical greenhouse in Prague can help you live that experience in Europe. These are unique botan ... read more

Red Apple's Romance Capitals

Most people say that Earth comes to life in summers. When the sun is shining bright, Green Gardens are voiced by the colorful summer birds and wind is filled with the scent of blossoming flowers, who wouldn’t agree that romance just feels right in summers. Pacifying white beaches, quaint medieval cities, spirited night life and festive city breaks Europe takes the lead for being home to the most romantic cities in the world. Here are few recommended cities by Red apple Apartments for romantic ... read more

Old Town New Town: Prague

Prague needs no introduction for holiday lovers as it is one of the most popular European tourist destinations. Your travel through the great European cities is not complete without a visit to Prague. It is famous for its Historic heritage and picturesque hills and valleys. Red Apple apartments recommend you to visit this multi-faceted city which provides you with a mix of classical culture with contemporary adaptation. One of the City’s most recommended places to visit is the Old Town of P ... read more

Let us host you for the 2015 UEFA European Football Championship

The UEFA European Football Championship 2015 will be held in different venues across Europe the list of Matches with their venues can be viewed here. Millions of intrepid football fans from all over the world are expected to travel towards these cities of Europe. The finale will be played at the Olympiastadion, Berlin on Saturday 6 June 2015. If you are a football enthusiast, you will love to cheer with the Champs, bare the flag with the winners, celebrate the win in a corner café or a ... read more

Looking East.

We've been busy these past few months finding the best apartments in some of the most exciting destinations in Europe. We're constantly meeting great owners in hospitable towns on the eastern edge of Europe and we'd love to introduce you to our new favorite places: In Ukraine, we're open in Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv. Kiev is of course an exciting capital city hosting lots of business travelers, government and non-governmental workers and other curious visitors.  Odessa is the Pearl of the Black S ... read more