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Summer Star of 2015: Reykjavik

The cities which totally shut down in winters with almost zero outdoor activities and no sunshine know the true joy of summers and when it’s there they try to make the best of it. Reykjavik is one of those cities living at its full in summer months with all it's urbanite allure and natural phenomenons. Speaking above all the biases, I doubt that there is any other city offering this much variety of holiday activities. You name it: from fascinating day tours to amazing nightlife; from the slow ... read more

The Big Red Apple Family

Red Apple Apartments have come a long way since 2008 and now we are proud to have nearly two thousand apartments in over 60 major cities around Europe which we call the Red Apple Cities including Paris, Rome, London and Florence, as well as our best sellers Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo and this list will keep on growing as we move along. All these years we’ve earned a valuable experience as a company which helped us offer a perfect platform for our clients in find ... read more

Red Apple's Romance Capitals

Most people say that Earth comes to life in summers. When the sun is shining bright, Green Gardens are voiced by the colorful summer birds and wind is filled with the scent of blossoming flowers, who wouldn’t agree that romance just feels right in summers. Pacifying white beaches, quaint medieval cities, spirited night life and festive city breaks Europe takes the lead for being home to the most romantic cities in the world. Here are few recommended cities by Red apple Apartments for romantic ... read more

How about some Whale watching?

Tired of just sitting at the beaches? then why not go deep into the sea to have an introduction with the sea life? One of the ways to do this is to book yourself a whale watching tour. Whale watching is a unique and amusing experience one should have at least once in their life. It is becoming a huge holiday industry along with other site seeing excursions. These Trips are both Educational and recreational. The purpose behind it is to encourage the local community and the governments to save the ... read more

Reykjavík concert hall and conference centre: Harpa

If you are tired of having typical urban tours full of glitzy metro lights, tall structures and hustled street life and want a tranquil trip of nature, go Iceland. Iceland is one peaceful scenic corner of the world where you can just lay back and enjoy the breath-taking panorama of glaciers waterfalls and blue lagoons surrounded by the sounds of nature. Summer is a very exciting time to visit Iceland, when mountain tracks are open and you can experience very exotic wonders of weather such as the ... read more

Let us host you for the 2015 UEFA European Football Championship

The UEFA European Football Championship 2015 will be held in different venues across Europe the list of Matches with their venues can be viewed here. Millions of intrepid football fans from all over the world are expected to travel towards these cities of Europe. The finale will be played at the Olympiastadion, Berlin on Saturday 6 June 2015. If you are a football enthusiast, you will love to cheer with the Champs, bare the flag with the winners, celebrate the win in a corner café or a ... read more

"Short-term Apartment Rentals Becoming More Popular"

And that's according to travel expert Rick Steves. His recommendation for travel in Europe this year: Stay in an apartment and feel like a "temporary local." Of course, we already know that short-term apartments are an economical alternative to hotels and one of the best ways to get to know a city. That's why we offer apartments in 8 major European cities. Short-term apartment rentals are our specialty, but if you need further proof that apartments are the way of the future for travelers to Euro ... read more

Check Out Our City Guides

At Red Apple Apartments we pride ourselves on our service and we do everything we can to make your stay in our apartment and your entire visit to our cities as comfortable and relaxing as possible. While we want you to feel at home in our accommodation, we also recognize that you might want to get out and do some sightseeing during your stay. So if you decide to leave the comfort of your apartment, we have created city guides to help you plan your excursions. The guides have information on city ... read more

Red Apple Apartments in the Guardian

Sunday's edition of the U.K.'s Observer featured an article about an "Instant Weekend" to Reykjavik, and as proof that Red Apple Apartments is becoming a household name in Reykjavik accommodation, the article recommends us for finding an affordable and comfortable place to stay in Iceland's capital. Of course this is no surprise to anyone who has already stayed in one of our apartments in Reykjavik or Copenhagen, but now you don't have to take our word for it…a trusted name in travel journalis ... read more

The Northern Lights of Iceland

The Northern Lights are one of the most magnificent sites to be seen in Iceland. Every year during the winter months the sky is filled with a green and red glow that transforms the horizon. This phenomenon happens in both the northern and southern polar areas, but because the northern pole is more inhabitable you have a better chance of seeing the lights here. In the north the technical name is aurora borealis, which is named for the Roman goddess of dawn, Aurora, and the Greek word for north ... read more