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Tipping in RAA Service Countries Explained

Every country has rules on tipping for service. Some encourage generosity while other discourage tipping at all. Instead of wondering what the rule is when you visit one of our service locations, check out the list below and know what amount is appropriate to tip, if at all! EUROPE: Restaurants in Europe tend to include the tip in the service charge on the bill. While it is acceptable to leave a few Euros over, you are never expected to tip 20 percent. When using a taxi, round the fare up or ... read more

What Does Finland, Italy, New Zealand, and Russia have in Common?

No, it’s not the beginning to a bad joke. Besides being four countries where we offer amazing luxury apartments, they made Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Lists for the best places to travel in 2017. We couldn’t agree more! Lonely Planet Best in Travel 2017: Top Cities Pistoia, Italy is rated sixth on Lonely Planet’s list for recently earning the title of Italy’s Capital of Culture. Moscow, Russia falls in at number nine for its new construction, better public transportation, and hosting ... read more

You Don’t Have to be a Football Fan to Visit St. Petersburg this June, but it Helps!

Russia is a hotbed of activity as St. Petersburg prepares for the FIFA Confederations Cup Tournament. The event takes place every four years. This year, the FIFA Confederations Cup Tournament is the warm-up for the 2018 World Cup which Russia is also hosting. To kick off the celebration, a flash mob flooded St. Petersburg’s Central Square. Flash Mob Dancing Tribute to The Nations Over 1,000 volunteers were on hand to coordinate a flash mob celebrating 100 days till the 2017 FIFA Co ... read more

Star of the White Night: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is Russia’s western most city and the classiest corner of Europe. Its historical architect gives a perfect theatrical character to this city. St. Petersburg also owns the privilege to host the Star of the White Nights Festival. Every summer during the mid-night sun Russia celebrates one of the biggest international arts festival in its 2nd largest city which also hosts the largest public participation in Russia for up to one million from inside as well as outside the country. Th ... read more

Looking East.

We've been busy these past few months finding the best apartments in some of the most exciting destinations in Europe. We're constantly meeting great owners in hospitable towns on the eastern edge of Europe and we'd love to introduce you to our new favorite places: In Ukraine, we're open in Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv. Kiev is of course an exciting capital city hosting lots of business travelers, government and non-governmental workers and other curious visitors.  Odessa is the Pearl of the Black S ... read more