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Accommodation for Salone Internazionale del Mobile (Furniture Fair) 2015: Milan

Every year the stage is set in Milan for the design developers and big brands to showcase their innovation in the field of domestic utilities including furniture, culinary, gardening and lighting. It’s going to be held between 14th to 19th April this year. Just like every year Red Apple Apartments is ready to host the guests of this event with wide range of apartments in Milan for Furniture Fair. The fair is open for all the students, brands and open innovators to showcase their competencie ... read more

The Big Red Apple Family

Red Apple Apartments have come a long way since 2008 and now we are proud to have nearly two thousand apartments in over 60 major cities around Europe which we call the Red Apple Cities including Paris, Rome, London and Florence, as well as our best sellers Copenhagen, Stockholm, Reykjavik, Helsinki and Oslo and this list will keep on growing as we move along. All these years we’ve earned a valuable experience as a company which helped us offer a perfect platform for our clients in find ... read more

Red Apple’s Best

After sharing the summer vacation ideas with you in great red apple cities, let us, for a suggestion, share with you our personal favorite handpicked apartments to stay in our top cities, which have been really popular since they were included in our list.  Luxurious apartment in Rome Though there are several but the two main reasons as to why this apartment has won its place as one of the most desired holiday homes on our list. First being its ideal location very close to Basilica di San ... read more

Scandinavia’s Best: Copenhagen

Scandinavia is known to come to life in summer months, when the days are long and bright, summer birds return home to their breeding grounds, streets are clustered with pedestrians, beaches are seeing more parties than ever and summer markets and food stalls are at boom. If you are that kind of person who never gets tired of day and night fun then this is your type of destination for summer vacations. But why Copenhagen!! Well this questions is answered so many times on various platforms, ... read more

Summer Favorites of 2015

If you’re an early bird and already looking to find where to spend this year's summer holidays, then read up, reviews are already out, whether it’s Lonely Planet, Frommers, The Guardian or Telegraph, you’ll find one thing in common; our great Red Apple Cities will always be somewhere on top of these lists. So, question yourself, what’s your mood this year. Are you up for a city break or you fancy a romantic escape in Paris or Venice with your loved one? Want to discover all the tradit ... read more

Accommodation for Eurovision 2015

That time when Europe unites through the love of music and each country sends a favored artist to compete in the most beloved song contest in the history: The Eurovision Song Contest! the Grand Finale is going to be held on May 23.Fans from all over the globe will flock to the Finale to cheer on their favorite artist.  Before they can do that, however, the question permeating their minds in the next few months will be, "Where will we stay?" It has been proven that hotel costs can be extr ... read more

Copenhagen: Your Family Friendly Destination!

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is abound with charming old buildings, inspiring landmarks and a rich cultural history that are so inviting, it is no wonder that visitors are left with so many happy memories when they leave.  However, it is also the lush green parks, fun-filled amusement parks and the wonderful museums that make this a phenomenal city to discover as a family. Major Copenhagen Attractions Start by visiting Copenhagen’s oldest, largest and most favorite amusement park, ... read more

Looking for accommodation in Malmö for Eurovision 2013?

As you may be aware, it is proving difficult to find an available hotel room in Malmö for Eurovision Song Contest 2013. Even if you are lucky enough to find one, the prices are sky-high! In response to this, Malmö residents are now starting to open up their own homes to visitors of the ESC, offering their houses and apartments at very reasonable prices. This will be a terrific way for ESC attendees to get a more personal connection to Sweden and the Swedes, and perhaps even make some Swed ... read more

Welcoming Winters..

Winters are always underestimated when it comes to travel, everyone seems to sing the songs of summers but we would say that ‘every weather has a charm of its own’ is more of an open minded view. Though splashing on a sunny beach in summers sounds unarguably attractive but it is always exciting to wake up to a warm cup of coffee by the window with a strange view of an exotic town. Imagine, instead of walking in herds, a quaint romantic stroll across Charles Bridge on a blue evening of ... read more

Queen of the parks; London's Hyde Park

London’s city parks are considered one of the best parks around the world and Hyde Park being at the center of the green belt of London Parks and one of our personal favorite is indeed the queen of London’s city parks. Hyde Park and the Kensington Gardens are adjacent to each other in way that will sometime confuse you as there are no walls or boundaries between the two Gardens. These twin parks cover the total area of 625 acres housing the capacity for all kinds of activities from informa ... read more