combat traveller's blues with

Five Activities to Help Combat Traveller's Blues

combat traveller's blues with

Five Activities to Help Combat Traveller’s Blues

Living and working abroad can be challenging and even more challenging when things don’t go as planned. But don’t let unexpected changes spoil your mood.Instead, check out our list of five activities help you combat travel blues.

1. Change Your Routine: When you find yourself isolated or unable to travel like normal, you can change your routine. A simple change like eating at a new place at a different hour can help snap you out of the blues. Not only will it shake things up a bit, you may even make new friends.

2. Indulge a Little: Choose something that makes you happy and do it! Doing something you love and don’t normally do can help snap you out of a moody season. So, get your favorite treat, watch a movie, or people watch over coffee.

3. Make a Phone Call: One of the quickest way to snap out of a mood is to call someone you love. Talk to friends and family, share how you’re feeling. Perhaps schedule a time each week to call so you don’t feel alone.

4. Meditate: Spend a little time each day meditating. This is a great way to clear your mind of stress and focus on why you are abroad, instead of focusing on negative emotions.

5. Eat Healthy and Take a Walk: When your body is not functioning optimally, it can affect your mood. Make sure to eat well on a regular schedule and to get plenty of exercise. A walk in the fresh air can do wonders for clearing your mind.

This list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea. Sometimes the best way to defeat travellers blues is to get active, change your routine, or do something nice for yourself.

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