Hotel Apartment: The Mythical Service-Oriented Beast

Hotel Apartment: The Mythical Service-Oriented Beast

Red Apple Apartments lists a number of hotel apartments in each of its cities, but what exactly is a hotel apartment? Is it a hotel or an apartment? A two-headed beast? We prefer to think of it as the best of both worlds.

Many travelers, whether visiting a city on business or pleasure, like the independence of cooking their own meals or at least preparing their own cup of coffee in the morning. If you are traveling with children or with a group of colleagues, it is important to have private bedrooms while still sharing a living space. A hotel apartment offers these freedoms, but has the added benefit of a front desk with concierge services and extra bonuses like restaurants on the premises, a gym or fitness center, covered parking, or even room service.

We recently talked with Øyvind Øvsthus, the manager of a major hotel apartment in Oslo, about the advantages this two-headed accommodation option can offer the discerning traveler. Øyvind has worked his way up the chain of command over the past five years from working behind the front desk to managing an entire complex. He knows all about what makes apartment hotels special and the secret is service. He oversees an experienced team of hospitality managers, head housekeepers, and chefs, who work every day to make guests feel like just that…guests. So, while our slogan is “Feels just like home,” Øyvind Øvsthus’s hotel apartment goes the extra step to make sure that you are treated like a guest in your own home. You can do your own laundry or send it out for dry cleaning. You can cook your own meals or visit the lunch buffet. You can work on your laptop in bed or give a presentation in the conference room. You can stay for one night or move in for a year. How’s that for service options?

Øyvind Øvsthus was educated in Australia and holds a business degree in hotel and event management. He manages 244 apartments in Oslo, and he and his experienced hospitality team are waiting to treat you like a guest in your own home.

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