How to Keep Occupied and Happy While in Quarantine at Home.

How to Keep Occupied and Happy While in Quarantine at Home

How to Keep Occupied and Happy While in Quarantine at Home.

How to Keep Occupied and Happy While in Quarantine at Home

Families everywhere are putting structure into place for the youngest members of society while schools are closed. Home school, activities, and learning household chores are a perfect way to entertain the young ones and give them a sense of security during home isolation. But did you know structure to the day is just as important for you?

To keep a happy and healthy mindset during these times, we also need to follow our normal daily routines. We have put together a list of 10 things you can do at home to keep you occupied and happy while in quarantine.

1. Keep your normal sleeping and waking time. Don’t make the mistake of staying up late or sleeping in while in home quarantine. By keeping your circadian rhythms normal, it will be easier when you return to working outside of the home.

Also, children really need to stay to their routine. Normal sleep patterns will reduce meltdowns during an already challenging time.

2. Eat healthy and get plenty of fresh fruits and veggies. Avoid processed food as much as possible. Processed foods will weigh your system down and make you feel sluggish. It is important to keep your energy high so you can focus on what matters… staying healthy and engaged.

3. Get dressed every day. It is easy to see every day as home pajama day when you can’t leave the house. But this will work against your sense of well-being. To keep a sense of normalcy, get dressed every day and take regular showers.

Basic hygiene not only keeps you healthier, but it will keep your spirits up too. If you are working from home, dress as you would for the office during working hours. This will signal your brain to focus on the tasks at hand and not the Netflix series you want to binge. This will also help your children know when it’s time for parents to work versus an all-day play.

4. Get outside and exercise. It’s important to keep your exercise routines. While we are social distancing or in-home isolation, it’s still a good idea to get fresh air. Take a walk, play basketball with your kids, ride a bike.

If you cannot go outside, then use exercise videos from YouTube or have a dance party with the kids. Just moving your body will keep your spirits up and help to fight off extra snacking.

5. Air out your house. The air in your home can get stagnant fast with everyone stuck in the home. Open your windows for at least 10 minutes every day. This will help exchange the air and freshen the atmosphere.

6. Spring Cleaning. This is a great time to clean your home or garage. Clear out clutter, donate unused items, sanitize the house. Do the deep cleaning you don’t normally have time for when travelling for work. These are great tasks to teach your children, too. Show them how to deep clean and create reward systems for tasks completed.

7. Hobbies. Is there something you wanted to try but haven’t had the time to begin? Use the time you would normally commute to learn a new skill. Invite the kids to learn with you. Painting, gardening, cooking, learning a new language or instrument… these are activities that will engage you and your children.

8. Rewards. Having something to look forward to when in isolation will help to keep your mental outlook well. Plan a hike on a lesser used trail, make a video call to friends or family members each week, plan a house party with the kids for the weekend. By having something to look forward to, you are signaling your mind that everything will be okay.

9. Keep a gratitude journal. Write down every good thing that happens during the time alone. Are you able to think through a problem, start a new business, cook delicious meals with old pantry items? Whatever you can do during this time to brighten your day, or that of someone else, it’s worth noting and showing gratitude.

10. Online study. Many schools are turning towards online study to keep children moving forward in learning. This is also a great opportunity for adults to study something new too! Take an online class for a work skill, get your continuing education credits, or learn a new skill such as starting an online business.

You will feel better physically and emotionally the more structure you can keep in your daily routine. Try these tips or share tips of your own and stay well!

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