How to Photograph Your Apartment


How to Photograph Your Apartment

Great photographs of your apartment will often lead a potential tenant to choose your apartment over another rental. Especially when you are trying to rent out property over the internet, photographs prove that the space is a real apartment and not an internet scam. But more than that, good photographs will prove that the apartment is also a livable home and serve as a warm invitation.


But interior spaces are some of the most difficult subjects to photograph and when you are photographing your apartment you will be facing a subject that can feel “empty” or “lifeless.” Its already likely that you own a really good camera or know someone that does so taking good photographs should be possible for you.

Good camera | Good flash | Good tripod

Even if you have access to good or great photography equipment its not a guarantee for great photos of your apartment. Here are a few tips to help you take great photos of your apartment that will encourage customer to select your apartment. Remember, customers are searching for a place to call home and they are looking for an apartment that looks bright and welcoming.

Setting the Scene:
The first step is to clean the apartment. Clean everything. Make your bed, straighten the rugs and curtains, put away the magazines, hide the garbage can, and put the toilet seat down. You might even have to put away things that aren’t usually put away. Less is more when it comes to décor to help a room not appear “cluttered” in a photo. On the other hand, the apartment should seem like someone lives there, not totally empty, so set the kitchen table or put a vase of flowers on the nightstand.


Lighting the Scene:
Most cameras are designed to take photos outdoors and indoor spaces are just too dark to look good. Natural light from outside is best, but cameras are attracted to bright windows like moths to flames and everything else in the room will be darkened. Try to let the light in through the window without actually having the window in the shot. Don’t use the flash, unless you have a good flash that you can bounce off a wall or ceiling (if you don’t know what this means, don’t use your flash). Turn on every lamp in the room for a nice warm glow, but by all means, avoid fluorescent lighting, which can cast an alien green light in photos or make your apartment look like a hospital.


What to Shoot:
Everything. The more the merrier. You can always delete the ones that don’t look good or you can send them all to us and we will pick out the best photos of your apartment for the website. Shoot every room in your house. Take close ups of your best pieces of furniture and decorative art. Small architectural details or decorations may seem insignificant but can help represent the design style of the apartment. If you have a great view, photograph it. Great sunsets? Photograph one. If your apartment is in a historic building, photograph the exterior as well.


How to Shoot:
Steadying your camera is crucial. Even if you set the perfect scene and light it well, a blurry photo is useless. If you have a tripod, use it. If you don’t, try to rest the camera on a table or flat surface or steady your hand against the wall. Most basic cameras don’t have a wide enough lens to capture an entire room, so you’ll have to back into a corner or shoot a room through a doorway. Try the room from many different angles and all corners and doorways. Don’t always take the photos from eye level. Crouch down or stand on a stool for different perspectives, but try to have as little of the ceiling in the shot as possible.


Let the Room Be the Star:
People like to rent an apartment that is empty—that is, without other people living there, so photograph your apartment without yourself or your family members in the shot. Watch out for mirrors! A self-portrait of you with a camera in the bathroom mirror won’t help sell your apartment.


To Summarize:
• Clean the apartment
• Add a few small decorative touches
• Shoot during the day when it’s bright, but not too sunny
• Photograph every room
• Take lots of photos and choose the best


If you want to list your apartment with Red Apple Apartments, follow the above advice and send your beautiful apartment photographs to We’ll get back to you right away and hopefully you’ll have tenants in no time at all.

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