Looking East.

Looking East.

We’ve been busy these past few months finding the best apartments in some of the most exciting destinations in Europe. We’re constantly meeting great owners in hospitable towns on the eastern edge of Europe and we’d love to introduce you to our new favorite places:

In Ukraine, we’re open in Kiev, Odessa, and Lviv. Kiev is of course an exciting capital city hosting lots of business travelers, government and non-governmental workers and other curious visitors.  Odessa is the Pearl of the Black Sea with a relaxed resort town feel at a fraction of the price of southern Europe’s more traditional warm weather destinations. Lviv is charming small town in the shadow of the Carpathian Mountains. It has a totally different feel from the rest of Ukraine and all of our apartments are located within a few blocks of the grandiose opera house in the center of town.

We’re also excited about our collection of self-catering and serviced apartments in Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia. This EU city has a thriving economy and a rich story dating back to pre-history. Plus, it’s lush and green and surrounded by mountains and it’s topping everyone here’s list of places we didn’t know we were dying to visit.

We won’t claim to have discovered Prague and Budapest, and we know they are both on the rise as tourist destinations. But we are convinced that staying in a local apartment in these central European gems is the absolute best way to experience them.

On the far edge of our map, we’re happy to feature Moscow and St. Petersburg, two legendary outposts. Home to some of the most expensive hotels in the world, we’re proud to offer dozens of comfortable and modern apartments in the hearts of these 2 giants at very affordable prices.

So, whether you’re assigned to business in the East or succumbing to a long curiosity about these fabled places, there’s no better way to feel right at home in a new place, than to stay like a local in a city apartment.

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