More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country with

More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country

More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country with

More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country

While Belgium may be best known for waffles, the country boasts of beautiful scenery and a quirky sense of humor. We have picked three of our favorite spots in Belgium to entice you to this sweet country.

Family Fun in the Ardennes

The villages, hills, and valleys of the Ardennes is the perfect place for resting and playing. There are plenty of paths for walking and cycling. For those more adventurous, the River Lesse is shallow with a strong enough current to carry the family downstream with minimal paddling.

This area is popular with the locals during the hot summers. Vendors, tourists, and locals all converge for a glorious afternoon in the sun. When ready to cool off, visit the animal park at Han-sur-Lesse to see bears, wolves, and other wild creatures.

House Beer

For those vacationing without children, we recommend visiting Bruges and the infamous bar De Garre. After climbing to the top floor order the house beer, staminee de garre. This house brew is a strong 12% and is smooth. The bar only allows three beers per person and cautions those trying to drink all three to crawl down the stairs when leaving.

Along with Bruges, we recommend visiting Antwerp’s Café de Kat. While not a fancy bar, one feels like stepping back into a lost era when entering and listening to the rail pass the bar. The place boasts of a piano, tiled floor, and mahogany décor that echoes its moody atmosphere of yesteryear.

Quirky Bowel Hotel

Aptly named, the CasAnus Hotel is located 15 miles from Antwerp. The hotel is a giant replica of a human bowel and rectum. Guests can boast of unusual accommodations for a night, breakfast in the morning, and entry into the other sculpture exhibits in the park.

This is only a taste of the adventures available in Belgium. But don’t take our word for it, come visit Belgium for yourself!

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