Room Service

Room Service

We’ve been thinking a lot about writing a little something for all of our wonderful apartment owners, just like our handy how to photograph your apartment guide. It’s true that pictures say a thousand words – that’s why it was your apartment they chose – but once the potential client becomes a guest it’s not just the pictures they remember, but the little details. Those extras that they’d never even thought about but when they see them, they’re eternally grateful.

So now it’s time to talk hospitality! We’re not saying you need to rush out and employ a butler and Michelin starred chef for each apartment (although this would be fabulous). Things as simple as a map with a green dot indicating where the nearest supermarket to the apartment is, or fastest walking route into town can have the same impact to the tired traveller who’s just arrived.

At Red Apple HQ we deal with a wide range of people, from single business travellers or large groups of friends to small families with new born babies. Diverse as they all may be they have one thing in common: they saw your apartment on our site and loved it so much they booked it! When they arrive they will no doubt be curious and once the coats have been hung up and the suitcases dumped, the cupboard crawl will begin. Therefore it’s important to ask…

What can we find in your cupboards?!

Each apartment owner gets a copy of the Owner’s Handbook as soon as their apartment goes live. In here is the usual blurb suggesting that kitchen equipment, cleaning supplies and so forth should be included but have you thought about the following?

coffee and tea. It’s an international phenomenon, a warm cup of either liquid is always welcome first thing in the morning, especially if the previous day was spent travelling. Most of our apartments come with coffee makers or kettles so some coffee granules and tea bags would complement these perfectly. (However if your guests are British you can probably save yourself a few Euros as we guarantee they’ll be travelling with their own boxes of Tetley, PG or Typhoo)

– washing powder. If your apartment is favoured by the short term guest and also happens to come complete with washing machine,  invest in a large box of laundry detergent so if your guest gets caught short they don’t have to go out and buy a whole new box just for one wash. Large boxes of detergent last for ages – think of them as an investment!

-toilet roll. We’ll leave this item to speak for itself.

-tips and tricks. Where’s the best place to order take away from? How far is the nearest family friendly restaurant? Is there a bakery around the corner that your guests cannot afford to miss? Your local knowledge is worth so much more than what the guide books write about. Just think of the amount of people who include “oh and we found this great little place…” in their post-travel tales.

-local transport. We’re not suggesting you plan every single route from town to the apartment and back for the guests, but maybe a list of useful bus numbers, taxi companies and any other pointers about public transport or tickets can be worth more than gold.

-anything else? One of the Red Apple team came back from a long weekend  this morning and told us with great enthusiasm how the apartment owner had put little phrases in the city’s language (Hungarian in this case) around the place. Does your city have any special dialect words your guests could use to their advantage? Are there local recipes your guests should try? Can you think of the one thing you always love to do when you’re in the area?

When in Rome… (or Helsinki, Reykjavik, Stockholm…)

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