Seven Safety Tips for Female Travelers with

Seven Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Seven Safety Tips for Female Travelers with

Seven Safety Tips for Female Travelers

Being alone while travelling does not need to mean you are a target. In fact, many women feel safer travelling solo because they stay conscious of their environs. You can travel solo and enjoy your experience without fear if you follow these safety tips and your natural instincts. [Note: Most of these tips are for men and women alike.]

1. Always follow your intuition. If something doesn’t seem right then follow your gut. It is better to annoy someone than to be miserable later.

2. Keep your valuables stashed away from sight. Leave expensive jewellery at home and travel with a cell phone you don’t mind losing or breaking. Wear a money belt or find away to stash money in unexpected places. One woman puts rolled up cash in an unused tampon applicator and then back in the wrapper. Pickpockets never take those!

3. Don’t wander around with ear buds or expensive headphones. It signals thieves that you have a smart phone or other valuable electronics. They keep your attention off your surroundings making you exposed to attack.

4. Dress appropriately and drink moderately. Every culture has traditions when it comes to covering the female body. Know what is proper and dress to ward off unwanted scrutiny. Also keep in mind alcohol impairs judgment and leaves a woman vulnerable. So keep drinking to a minimum.

5. Keep your bags with you when travelling by public transportation. If you put the bags in the trunk, you lose control of when you can exit if things become uncomfortable. So keep your bags light and with you. For better safety, use Uber when possible. The app tracks you and the driver and records payment information making it a safer choice than most taxis.

6. Avoid travelling at night and always keep the address of your next location in writing. That way you can hand an address to those helping you, making it easier to get directions or a ride. We suggest taking a business card from each hotel when planning day trips so you know how to get back to your room.

7. Mace and pepper spray is deemed a concealed weapon in many countries. Instead, use mosquito spray or a mini hair spray as they will also slow a predator down. You may even consider carrying a personal safety alarm in your pocket.

Bonus Tip: Update your tour plans daily on social media or by emailing family. That way an electronic breadcrumb trail is accessible if you find yourself in distress and need help.

While these tips will help you travel safely, the best advice will always be to follow your hunches. Don’t take chances when it comes to your safety and any destination will be a rewarding adventure. 

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