Seven Ways to Choose the Best Seat for Your Flight with

Seven Ways to Choose the Best Seat for Your Flight

Seven Ways to Choose the Best Seat for Your Flight with

Seven Ways to Choose the Best Seat for Your Flight

Frequent fliers often learn the best ways to choose a seat on airplanes. For those of you that fly infrequently or have not learned the secrets yet, we will tell you how to find the best seats for your needs.

1. Ask to Select Your Seat at Booking. Many airlines will allow you to select your seat while booking tickets online. Review the floor plan of the plane to choose the best seats for your flight. While standard for most flights, a few airlines will charge an added fee.

2. Avoid the Middle Seat. The earlier you book your flight and reserve your seats, the better chance you have of avoiding the dreaded middle seat, or worse yet, the middle middle seat. Large airlines have three rows of seats, the middle row’s middle seat is the hardest to get in and out, making the trip difficult if you need to stretch your legs or use the bathroom.

3. Patience When Boarding Pays Off in the End. If you need to move through security and luggage quickly when you arrive, pick seats at the front of the plane. You will be boarded last, but get to leave first.

4. Look for Special Seats When Booking. Many airlines now offer special seats in the economy section with more legroom. These seats will cost more, but on longer flights they offer the space to relax. Be prepared to spend up to $200 extra for this perk.

5. Ask to Change Seats. Check with the boarding agents to see if any rows have empty seats. Sometimes, a whole row of seats are not booked which you can use to stretch out during a long flight.

6. Change Your Flier Status. Many airlines offer reward programs. If you are a frequent flier, you can earn perks such as free upgrades, priority seating, boarding, and waived baggage fees.

7. Learn from the Pros. SeatGuru offers detailed maps and information on almost every plane and major airline. If you need to know which seats offer the best charging station or legroom, visit SeatGuru. They even detail which seats will not recline on a flight, critical information on long, international flights. They also tell you if the airline provides snacks, meals or movies while in flight.

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