Surf in Iceland. Ice Included with

Surf in Iceland- Ice Included!

Surf in Iceland. Ice Included with

Surf in Iceland- Ice Included!

You work hard. Sometimes you need to play hard too. We have the answer to invigorating playtime: Surfing in Iceland- Ice included!

Where to Surf in Iceland

Many people looking for ice surfing venture to Reykjanes peninsula an hour outside of Reykjavik. This spot is the home of a moon-shaped landscape caused by lava fields. This spot is for the more advanced surfer as sharp volcanic reefs lie just below the surface. 

For those new to surfing but want the invigorating experience of surfing among ice caps, check out the black beach sands at Sandvik. 

Other surf spots near Reykjavik include Snæfellsnes, Garður, Hafnir, Sandvik, Grindavík or Þorlákshöfn.

Water Temperatures

Surfers flock to Iceland from October to March. Heavy storms hit during these months causing the ocean to drop to freezing temperatures. Make sure to bring 5-6mm wet suits.

Before driving to any surf spots in Iceland, you must check the weather and tidal projections. You don’t want to get caught in a storm without protection. 

Never Surf Alone

While surfing is a solo sport, the wisest surfers know to never surf alone in dangerous reef. Always travel to spots in Iceland with other surfers and tell people remaining behind where you are going.

Best practices in Iceland? Hire a company to take you to the best surf spots. They will assess the weather and get you to the best surfing while keeping you safe.

Surfers are friendly and plenty in the region. Ask around and find someone who can show you the best places to surf. You may just make a lifelong friend as long as you respect the water. Native Icelandic surfers are protective of the region, so be considerate of the region.

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