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Five Reasons Not to Travel with Gifts!

Everyone loves the holiday season and the time off work spent with loved ones. For many, this time is spent travelling to be with those loved ones, carrying heavy bags full of gifts, and trying to keep a hold on wandering little ones. Instead of struggling under the load, consider these five reasons not to travel with gifts! No, we are not suggesting forgoing gift giving. Instead, we are suggesting you mail your gifts! Read on to find out why. 1. Enjoy travelling with lighter luggage. As w ... read more

Three Reasons to Visit the Christmas City This Holiday Season

Winter wonderlands, Christmas Markets, and delicious food shared with family and friends make the holiday season special. Regardless of your family traditions, Christmas City offers festivities and opportunities to make new traditions. What better way to spend your holidays than in the land of Santa Claus! So, where does Santa live? In Finland, of course! And Helsinki offers all the best Christmas activities to help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Here are our top five reasons to ... read more

Five Tips for Travelling with Older Children During the Holidays

Last month we gave seven tips for travelling with toddlers during the holidays. While older children are a little more independent, they still present a challenge when travelling. With age comes a mind of their own, a wish for freedom combined with a need for togetherness. So now we give you five tips for traveling with older children. Hopefully, these tips may help your holidays be a little less bumpy this year! 1. Freedom to Choose with Limitations Older children love to feel like they hav ... read more

Christmas in Stockholm

If you want the taste of a true Nordic Christmas, nothing will serve you better than the Nordic capital itself: Stockholm. A historic excursion with its old town markets, a metropolis beamed with lights in every corner, a perfect romantic getaway ashore Nordic waters, with all its charm of a Venice like environment Stockholm casts a spell on its visitors every year. The Stockholm Christmas buzz starts with the skyltsöndag (store window Sunday), when the big departmental stores, like NK, Åhl ... read more

Christmas Traditions Around Europe

Christmas traditions vary from country to country and over the years Christmas has taken quite a unique shape in terms of customs and celebrations. Let’s look at some of the major celebrations of Christmas across Europe: Christmas Décor (trees and lights): The Christmas fever starts from mid-November when retailers start to deck out for holiday season. The main European shopping streets try to give each other run for their money in decorating the buildings and shops. According to a survey av ... read more