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Surf in Iceland- Ice Included!

You work hard. Sometimes you need to play hard too. We have the answer to invigorating playtime: Surfing in Iceland- Ice included! Where to Surf in Iceland Many people looking for ice surfing venture to Reykjanes peninsula an hour outside of Reykjavik. This spot is the home of a moon-shaped landscape caused by lava fields. This spot is for the more advanced surfer as sharp volcanic reefs lie just below the surface.  For those new to surfing but want the invigorating experience of surf ... read more

Five Nordic Hot Spots for New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve in the Nordic countries offers tourists a variety of celebrations. Spend time outdoors in a large event or settle into a cozy restaurant or bar. If you are looking to celebrate the New Year in style, read to the end for a bonus tip. There is a location you can celebrate twice in one night! 1. Copenhagen, Denmark Copenhagen celebrates with a celebration at the town square Amalienborg, the Royal Palace. The Royal Guard dresses in the red gala uniforms for the Royal Guard Par ... read more

Let’s Tango in Reykjavik Iceland

Let’s Tango in Reykjavik Iceland Tango is more than a ballroom dance; an intimate and graceful play between power and vulnerability. This passionate exchange between the leader and follower captures the hearts of those who experience the dance. Steps are not mirrored, giving each partner freedom of expression within the frame of their two bodies. The dance traces its origins to the 1880s along the border of Argentina and Uruguay. It grew in popularity; reaching Paris, London, and Berlin. ... read more

Accommodation For Iceland Airwave 2015: Reykjavik

Long gone are the days when Iceland was only appreciated for its natural phenomenon and tourists would travel all the way to this isolated island to take in the breath-taking panorama of glaciers waterfalls, blue lagoons and midnight sun. Don’t be mistaken they still do but they have more of a reason to visit Iceland and its entrancing capital Reykjavik. With the development of modern structures like Harpa, Vigdis Language Center, the Stöðin and Bicycle Bridges, Reykjavik has got worl ... read more