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Five Reasons Not to Travel with Gifts!

Everyone loves the holiday season and the time off work spent with loved ones. For many, this time is spent travelling to be with those loved ones, carrying heavy bags full of gifts, and trying to keep a hold on wandering little ones. Instead of struggling under the load, consider these five reasons not to travel with gifts! No, we are not suggesting forgoing gift giving. Instead, we are suggesting you mail your gifts! Read on to find out why. 1. Enjoy travelling with lighter luggage. As w ... read more

Three Unusual Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel

The holidays are fast approaching which means seasonal travel is upon us. While many people save money all year, sometimes the best-laid plans fail to save enough for presents and travel. Instead of spending every waking hour looking for low cost airfare and other means of travel, consider three unusual ways to save money for the holidays. Use Your Credit Cards If you are one of the many using credit cards for shopping this holiday season, choose credit cards with reward points. Airline m ... read more

Three Reasons to Visit the Christmas City This Holiday Season

Winter wonderlands, Christmas Markets, and delicious food shared with family and friends make the holiday season special. Regardless of your family traditions, Christmas City offers festivities and opportunities to make new traditions. What better way to spend your holidays than in the land of Santa Claus! So, where does Santa live? In Finland, of course! And Helsinki offers all the best Christmas activities to help you make memories that will last a lifetime! Here are our top five reasons to ... read more

Christmas in Reykjavik

Many might underestimate the Icelandic winters as icy and solitary but over the years the Iceland has proved the world wrong. Last three months of the years are very important for fun loving Icelandic folks. We must say that the real fun only begins in the winter months starting from late September going all the way up to New Year’s Eve. Icelanders surely know how to light up their darker times; the illustrious illumination of the Imagine Peace Tower, tribute to the great John Lennon, Reykjav ... read more

Christmas is at Your Doorstep!

Christmas itself is an event spanning only 24 hours but the real thrill and excitement lies with its preparations; When the kids and parents come together to jot down their Christmas schedule decorate the tree and plan out the whole event starting from 24th December and going down to the new year’s eve. According to surveys Christmas preparations begin as early as mid-year; takes up months of planning and marketing for big stores and retailers and at least a fortnight for gifts and home decors ... read more


Everyone’s been singing summer songs for a long time. Now, when summer is giving us signs of goodbyes and the chilly autumn breezes will be blowing by the windows , we are obliged to look forward to the blue evenings and chilly days of winter. But don’t get all gloomy as winter is often greatly underestimated when it comes to all the fun you can have. Let us remind you of all that can be done during winters. Where summer offers great festivals, sunny days and sandy beaches, winters ... read more