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Visit Carlsberg in Copenhagen to See Where the First Beer Was Brewed

Okay, maybe not the first beer ever brewed since beer dates back 12,000 years, but Copenhagen is where the first Carlsberg beer was brewed in 1847. This location is home to the original Carlsberg Brewery, now a museum. Beer enthusiasts and curious tourists will love visiting the 100,000-square foot brewery, now a busy visitors center. The expansive building houses interactive exhibits on the history of beer. This exhibit also features the world’s largest collection of beer bottles! Whi ... read more

ABC’s of Copenhagen Summer Family Fun

Copenhagen is a wonderful city to visit during the summer. It is small enough to be easily navigated but big enough to offer plenty of activities during your stay. Here’s Red Apple Apartment’s ABC’s of Copenhagen for your summer family fun! A. Amager Strand Park: A wonderful beach for swimming and building sandcastles with the family. B. Bakken Amusement Park: Visit the world’s oldest amusement park. C. Children’s Museum: Kids dress in Viking costumes and play on a replica Viking ... read more

Red Apple’s Best

After sharing the summer vacation ideas with you in great red apple cities, let us, for a suggestion, share with you our personal favorite handpicked apartments to stay in our top cities, which have been really popular since they were included in our list.  Luxurious apartment in Rome Though there are several but the two main reasons as to why this apartment has won its place as one of the most desired holiday homes on our list. First being its ideal location very close to Basilica di San ... read more

Scandinavia’s Best: Copenhagen

Scandinavia is known to come to life in summer months, when the days are long and bright, summer birds return home to their breeding grounds, streets are clustered with pedestrians, beaches are seeing more parties than ever and summer markets and food stalls are at boom. If you are that kind of person who never gets tired of day and night fun then this is your type of destination for summer vacations. But why Copenhagen!! Well this questions is answered so many times on various platforms, ... read more

Accommodation for Eurovision 2015

That time when Europe unites through the love of music and each country sends a favored artist to compete in the most beloved song contest in the history: The Eurovision Song Contest! the Grand Finale is going to be held on May 23.Fans from all over the globe will flock to the Finale to cheer on their favorite artist.  Before they can do that, however, the question permeating their minds in the next few months will be, "Where will we stay?" It has been proven that hotel costs can be extr ... read more

Copenhagen: Your Family Friendly Destination!

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is abound with charming old buildings, inspiring landmarks and a rich cultural history that are so inviting, it is no wonder that visitors are left with so many happy memories when they leave.  However, it is also the lush green parks, fun-filled amusement parks and the wonderful museums that make this a phenomenal city to discover as a family. Major Copenhagen Attractions Start by visiting Copenhagen’s oldest, largest and most favorite amusement park, ... read more

COP15 is Less than One Month Away

The city of Copenhagen is about to go down in history as the place where something big happened. Tens of thousands of delegates and visitors will converge on the city in December for the United National Climate Change Conference, or COP15 for short. We're excited to be just across the bridge from this big event and we'll be waiting for the decisive news from the meeting to travel across the Sound and around the world. Red Apple Apartments feels privileged to offer a great selection of accommoda ... read more

Where Can You Confuse Copenhagen with Dubai?

In the Sluseholmen harbor development in Copenhagen, a new apartment building is reminding a lot of visitors of something they might see in Dubai--a sleek, tall, mirage hovering over the water. The Metropolis building, designed by the innovative U.K. firm, Future Systems, has the futuristic look of something from the Persian Gulf but is softened by its careful consideration of Scandinavian taste. With its wonderful curves and reflective surfaces, the Metropolis certainly turns heads. ... read more

Kulturhavn weekend in Copenhagen

Many of our favorite apartments in Copenhagen are clustered around the harbor neighborhoods Islands Brygge, Havneholmen, Fisketorvet and Sluseholmen. This weekend these communities are getting together and hosting a festival called Kulturhavn. If you are staying in the neighborhood or anywhere in Copenhagen and want to be outside enjoying the nice summer weather (fingers crossed!), stop by the harbor for 3 days of cultural and sporting activities. More details in English and Danish at the Kultur ... read more

Check Out Our City Guides

At Red Apple Apartments we pride ourselves on our service and we do everything we can to make your stay in our apartment and your entire visit to our cities as comfortable and relaxing as possible. While we want you to feel at home in our accommodation, we also recognize that you might want to get out and do some sightseeing during your stay. So if you decide to leave the comfort of your apartment, we have created city guides to help you plan your excursions. The guides have information on city ... read more