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Blue Ice Caves and Other Icelandic Winter Adventures

When you think of Iceland you think of, well, ice. And so you think of freezing temperatures and short days. While true, that is only one small part of this enchanting country’s beauty. We challenge you to find a more lovely place to explore Blue Ice Caves or go dog sledding. Trust us, no place else compares to Iceland’s natural wonder. We chose four of our favorite Icelandic winter adventures to share with you. The Blue Ice Caves Winter, mid-November to mid-March each year, is th ... read more

Extending Business Travel for Pleasure

There is a growing trend for those who travel for work to extend business travel for pleasure. This can be an excellent way to take a mini vacation at the end of a trip or see the sights after business hours with your family. There are a few things to keep in mind if you plan to extend your trip or bring your family along for the ride, so to speak. Let’s take a look at areas of concern. If you bring your family along for the trip, you are responsible for their travel and living expenses ... read more

Business Travel and Relationships

Maintaining a business relationship requires a lot of work, including travel and time away from loved ones. So how do you also keep a strong relationship with loved ones while traveling often for work? We have a few helpful tips to keep business travel from straining your relationships. 1. Sync Your Calendars- While you cannot share your business calendar, you can make sure all your business trips are logged in your personal calendar. Then your family can sync calendars to make planning fa ... read more

Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Norway is not known for over the top warm weather. Instead, the temperatures stay cool most of the year. So, if you enjoy dressing warm and wearing fall sweaters, Norway is the perfect place for you to spend your Autumn. Need more reasons to holiday in Norway this fall? Read on for three reasons you need to visit Norway! 1. Autumn Colors Most people think of pine trees when considering Norway for viewing fall colors. Truth is, there are a lot of deciduous trees too. Not only do they tur ... read more

Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts of stunning mountain backdrops and iconic ski resorts. But winter is not the only time to experience this wonderland. Summer offers a deluge of activities for those hoping for adventure. Check out our top three summer experiences. 1. Take a Dip in Crystalline Waters Switzerland is the quintessential country for swimmers as the next refreshing pool is seldom further than 10 miles. Whether visiting The Bodensee with the local holidayer or heading towards any city centre ... read more

More than Waffles, Belgium is a Must See Country

While Belgium may be best known for waffles, the country boasts of beautiful scenery and a quirky sense of humor. We have picked three of our favorite spots in Belgium to entice you to this sweet country. Family Fun in the Ardennes The villages, hills, and valleys of the Ardennes is the perfect place for resting and playing. There are plenty of paths for walking and cycling. For those more adventurous, the River Lesse is shallow with a strong enough current to carry the family downstream w ... read more

Eight Things to Consider During a Heat Wave and Three Problems to Avoid

Even as Autumn is approaching, it’s common to experience a late season heat wave. Unfortunately, it’s also common to be distracted and not pay attention to health while enjoying vacation adventures. Be prepared with these heat wave safety tips any time of year. How to Prepare for a Heat Wave Check local weather forecasts often while on vacation. Set the weather app on your smartphone to the local forecast, or watch the news each morning to know what to expect. If a heat wave is coming, ... read more

Seven Tips for Travelling with Toddlers During the Holidays

Holiday travel is upon us and its chaotic to maneuver airports and other transportation. Add to that chaos the needs of a toddler or two and it can be downright nerve wrecking. Rather than pull your hair out this holiday season, try the following seven tips to make your holiday travel with toddlers a lot smoother for everyone. 1. Give Yourself and Your Toddlers Extra Time Plan extra time into your travel itinerary. Toddlers love to look and experience everything they see! Avoid unnecessary ... read more

Copenhagen: Your Family Friendly Destination!

The Danish capital of Copenhagen is abound with charming old buildings, inspiring landmarks and a rich cultural history that are so inviting, it is no wonder that visitors are left with so many happy memories when they leave.  However, it is also the lush green parks, fun-filled amusement parks and the wonderful museums that make this a phenomenal city to discover as a family. Major Copenhagen Attractions Start by visiting Copenhagen’s oldest, largest and most favorite amusement park, ... read more