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Learn How to Haggle Like a Local

Haggling is expected in many cultures. In Europe, they expect you to negotiate prices at markets, shops, and street vendors. This is just common practice among the locals and visitors must do the same. But, many tourists are unfamiliar with the art of haggling. While common to hear the friendly banter of high and low ball pricing in the streets, never use this tactic at modern stores or shopping malls. You can bargain for goods, but food and outdoor produce markets do not haggle. They offer ... read more

Spend New Year’s Eve in Zurich, Switzerland

Fireworks, good food, family and friends toasting in the New Year. This is the traditional scene everywhere on the Eve of the New Year. But, if you want to go all out, and celebrate in style, then Zurich, Switzerland is the place to be this New Year’s Eve! Why Spend New Year’s Eve in Zurich? Zurich is the ideal setting with mountains peaks as the backdrop for midnight fireworks that reflect off Lake Zurich. Many people spend the day skiing before returning to one of the event’s spons ... read more

Two Great Reasons to Book a Long-Term Apartment Rental

Many people book our short-term rentals for a day or week. But did you know that Red Apple Apartments also offers long-term rentals of one or more months? Some people who will be traveling to foreign cities for work contracts or sabbaticals rent our apartments for 12-18 months! Why consider a long-term rental? Glad you asked! Two Great Reasons to Book a Long-Term Apartment Rental 1. Location: When you are working or visiting a foreign country long-term, booking an apartment for one mont ... read more

Accommodation For Iceland Airwave 2015: Reykjavik

Long gone are the days when Iceland was only appreciated for its natural phenomenon and tourists would travel all the way to this isolated island to take in the breath-taking panorama of glaciers waterfalls, blue lagoons and midnight sun. Don’t be mistaken they still do but they have more of a reason to visit Iceland and its entrancing capital Reykjavik. With the development of modern structures like Harpa, Vigdis Language Center, the Stöðin and Bicycle Bridges, Reykjavik has got worl ... read more

A Month of Festivals: Edinburgh

Who isn’t aware of the glorious past and cultural richness of England? Proud Englishmen never lose the chance to cherish and boast about it to the world; we saw the glimpse of it in the opening ceremony of Olympics 2012. Hats off to Danny Boyle But there’s only so much you can show in few hours’ ceremony. If you missed that great show of Britain’s talent and creativity, don’t worry, chances are never lost. You can catch up on it at Edinburgh’s world famous August festive spree.  Red ... read more

Kulturhavn weekend in Copenhagen

Many of our favorite apartments in Copenhagen are clustered around the harbor neighborhoods Islands Brygge, Havneholmen, Fisketorvet and Sluseholmen. This weekend these communities are getting together and hosting a festival called Kulturhavn. If you are staying in the neighborhood or anywhere in Copenhagen and want to be outside enjoying the nice summer weather (fingers crossed!), stop by the harbor for 3 days of cultural and sporting activities. More details in English and Danish at the Kultur ... read more