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Dressing for Winter in Finland

When you think of Finland’s winter months, thoughts turn towards reindeer, winter wonderlands, and Santa Claus. When planning to visit this amazing country during these colder months, one asks, what should I pack to stay warm? Well, we have a list of the basic items every visitor should bring to winter in Finland. 1. Forget the synthetic blends and opt for natural fibres. While synthetics take up less room in your travel bags, they do not keep you as warm. Choose clothes made of natural fib ... read more

Learn How to Haggle Like a Local

Haggling is expected in many cultures. In Europe, they expect you to negotiate prices at markets, shops, and street vendors. This is just common practice among the locals and visitors must do the same. But, many tourists are unfamiliar with the art of haggling. While common to hear the friendly banter of high and low ball pricing in the streets, never use this tactic at modern stores or shopping malls. You can bargain for goods, but food and outdoor produce markets do not haggle. They offer ... read more

Five Fun Activities in Aarhus, Denmark’s Happiest City!

Aarhus is considered one of the happiest cities on earth and was named one of the ten European destinations to see by Lonely Planet. This fun city was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2017! What makes this city in Denmark so fabulous? Continue reading to find out! We have listed five of the fun actives available in Aarhus. 1. Cultural Events and Festivals Aarhus is filled with museums and art galleries of every genre. View works by progressive artists to early Viking artifact ... read more

Three Unusual Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel

The holidays are fast approaching which means seasonal travel is upon us. While many people save money all year, sometimes the best-laid plans fail to save enough for presents and travel. Instead of spending every waking hour looking for low cost airfare and other means of travel, consider three unusual ways to save money for the holidays. Use Your Credit Cards If you are one of the many using credit cards for shopping this holiday season, choose credit cards with reward points. Airline m ... read more

Get Rid of Pickpockets Once and For All!

Nothing ruins a vacation faster than realizing your valuables have been stolen! Reaching to pay for a souvenir only to find you have been pick pocketed can change your entire trip. Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these simple tricks to get rid of pickpockets once and for all! 1. Leave your valuables in a safe. Stow away valuables in the hotel safe or a furnished apartment room safe if available. Only take what you need for a day trip with you and don’t wear flashy jewellery while out ... read more

Two Great Reasons to Book a Long-Term Apartment Rental

Many people book our short-term rentals for a day or week. But did you know that Red Apple Apartments also offers long-term rentals of one or more months? Some people who will be traveling to foreign cities for work contracts or sabbaticals rent our apartments for 12-18 months! Why consider a long-term rental? Glad you asked! Two Great Reasons to Book a Long-Term Apartment Rental 1. Location: When you are working or visiting a foreign country long-term, booking an apartment for one mont ... read more

Plitvice National Park: Grasping Beauty of Zagreb

The Major reason why natural parks are preferred over city gardens, museums or crowded beaches, is that they let us link with nature in its purest arrangement and let us take in the beauty of the unique flora and fauna in its natural habitat. Plitvice national park is one of those places. It is Croatia’s first national park opened in 1948 and became UNESCO’s World Heritage site in 1979. Now it is Croatia’s biggest and one of the most beautiful natural parks of the world which attracts ... read more

Do you want your Christmas served warm or cold?

We can't decide. Winter is usually something in the middle here in southern Sweden, though it was a pleasantly snowy day today. It will probably be gone by tomorrow and then we'll be thinking about going all the way with the winter wonderland thing, which is why we're thinking we should check out some of our new apartments in St. Petersburg. Or maybe icy Helsinki might satisfy our craving for hot design. That said, we also opened Cannes last month and a French Riviera Christmas might be just ... read more