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Dressing for Winter in Finland

When you think of Finland’s winter months, thoughts turn towards reindeer, winter wonderlands, and Santa Claus. When planning to visit this amazing country during these colder months, one asks, what should I pack to stay warm? Well, we have a list of the basic items every visitor should bring to winter in Finland. 1. Forget the synthetic blends and opt for natural fibres. While synthetics take up less room in your travel bags, they do not keep you as warm. Choose clothes made of natural fib ... read more

Three Unusual Things Every Business Traveler Should Carry

Travelling can be stressful. Long flights across time zones can wreak havoc on you. Set yourself up for better health by carrying three unusual things on your next trip. 1. Carry noise-cancelling headphones or quality earplugs. Public transportation can be noise causing you to lose valuable sleep while on planes, trains, and buses. Not to mention trying to sleep in loud hotels with corporate events taking place during your stay. While we recommend staying in one of our luxury apartments to no ... read more

RAA’s Guide to Shopping In Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain is the place to go if shopping is your passion. From high end apparel to regional fare, this city delivers over 35,000 shops to spend your days and money. We recommend beginning your shopping trip at the famous 5 km shopping line. This wonderland of couture starts at the top of Ramblas through Placa de Catalunya and Passeig de Gracia and winding up Avenue Diagonal. Most streets are for pedestrians only, so meander in and out of stores and throught the crowds of well-dressed s ... read more

Experience Glacier Hiking Near Bergen, Norway

Glacier hiking can be a smooth walk over a thousand-year-old dessert of ice or a climb over 20-meter high bluffs. The feat is in finding the right route for you. Those who trek through the glacier fall (Juklavass glacier) experience flat ice that seems calm but it changes quietly underneath or more challenging crevasse areas. Your guide will help select the difficulty level of your hike depending on the members in the group. The test is in moving together with your party to climb icy slope ... read more

Top Five Activities in Gothenburg, Sweden along with the Volvo Museum

Gothenburg, Sweden is the home of Volvo manufacturing and the Volvo Museum and is considered Sweden’s second city. Alive with activities, this city rivals Stockholm for culture and entertainment and is Scandinavia’s largest port. There are too many sights to see and things to do in this city to list here, so we chose five of our favorite activities make picking a little easier for you. Tip: Consider getting a Gothenburg City Card (City Pass). When you buy the pass, it includes admission i ... read more

Five Fun Activities in Aarhus, Denmark’s Happiest City!

Aarhus is considered one of the happiest cities on earth and was named one of the ten European destinations to see by Lonely Planet. This fun city was also named the European Capital of Culture in 2017! What makes this city in Denmark so fabulous? Continue reading to find out! We have listed five of the fun actives available in Aarhus. 1. Cultural Events and Festivals Aarhus is filled with museums and art galleries of every genre. View works by progressive artists to early Viking artifact ... read more

Three Unusual Ways to Save Money for Holiday Travel

The holidays are fast approaching which means seasonal travel is upon us. While many people save money all year, sometimes the best-laid plans fail to save enough for presents and travel. Instead of spending every waking hour looking for low cost airfare and other means of travel, consider three unusual ways to save money for the holidays. Use Your Credit Cards If you are one of the many using credit cards for shopping this holiday season, choose credit cards with reward points. Airline m ... read more

Tour the Year-Round Party in Lviv, the Cultural Capital of Ukraine

Welcome to Lviv, the cultural capital of Ukraine with contemporary to classical art and everything in between these styles. Festivals abound year round and tourists become regulars, returning month after month to soak in the culture and delicacies. If this sounds like an intriguing adventure to you, you’re not alone. But like many who visit this cultural hotspot, you may not know where to begin. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with four tours that will help you get a taste of everyth ... read more

Ten Essential Water Safety Tips for Your Vacation Getaway

Summer is here and with the heat comes water activities! Whether travelling abroad or visiting a local water theme park, we have ten water safety tips to keep your family safe on your next vacation getaway. 1. Learn to swim and know what level of water you are comfortable. Many people never take formal swimming lessons instead relying on instincts. But fatigue and other factors can put you at risk if you don’t know how to swim or what to do if you get a cramp while in the water. Play it saf ... read more

Three Relaxing Activities in Kiev that Will Make You Smile

Whether on vacation, business, or bleisure you must find time for activities that make you smile. Lucky for you when visiting Ukraine there is plenty of activities to enjoy while relaxing from your busy schedule. Here we highlight five relaxing activities in Kiev that will make you smile. 1. St Cyrill’s Monastery The monastery, built in the 12th century, is an amazing example of frescos from the period. They were restored in the late 70s and boast of 800 square meters of paintings from M ... read more