Teach English in the Nordics with http://www.redappleapartments.com

Teach English in the Nordics

Teach English in the Nordics with http://www.redappleapartments.com

Teach English in the Nordics

It is easy to see why many people visit Nordic countries and fall in love with the sights, sounds, people, and food! A common question is how can one live and work once in these amazing countries? We suggest you teach English if you are looking to stay.

Two Ways to Get Certified to Teach English

1. If you are in the Nordics and want to stay, find the local on-site certification course. You can get your certification which never expires while you are vacationing. Sometimes, you can find a course that offers hands on training.

2. Take an on line certification course. You can take classes regardless of your location. Best of all, you can take the course at your own pace. The downside is there may be no help in getting placed in a teaching position.

Seven Ways to Get a Job Once Certified to Teach English

1. Use a TEFL training course that offers job placement.
2. Find a recruiter who can locate the hard-to-find positions in the Nordics.
3. Check with the Nordic Country’s government to see if they offer formal training and placement in underprivileged communities.
4. Research opening on job placement boards.
5. Reach out to people you know where you wish to teach via Social Media.
6. Teach Private Lessons to struggling students.
7. Teach English on line. 

Best and Worst Countries to Land a Job Teaching

Finding a TEFL teaching job in the Nordics can be a challenge as most countries give a solid English education to their students. The Swedes have 10-12 years of English education so you will be hard pressed to find a job there. But, if Sweden is your dream location consider teaching on line. Other countries where it will be difficult include Denmark and Norway.

The best Nordic Country to teach English is Finland. They are welcoming to foreigners. 

Alternative Way to Teach English in the Nordics

An alternative way to teach English in the Nordics is to find businesses that engage in international trade. Large companies hire teachers to help them brush up on language skills, slang and regional dialects.

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