Sweden's Beaches

Three Best Places to Swim in Sweden

Sweden's Beaches

Three Best Places to Swim in Sweden

Sweden is a hotbed of tourists in the Summer. What better way to cool off than head to three of the best beaches to swim in Sweden.

1. Swim in Malmö

Tourists and locals alike travel to Malmö to enjoy 2.5 kilometers of sandy beaches and greenery. But if you prefer a boardwalk, Neighbouring Västra hamnen (Western Harbour) is a great choice. Restaurants and cafes abound and offer plenty of shade and refreshment from the summer heat.

2. Island Hop the Archipelagos

Both Gothenburg and Stockholm have access to the archipelagos boasting of tens of thousands lakes and islands. You can enjoy boating and kayaking just like the Swedes. Enjoy the right of public access to these islands and inlets to explore on your own or through a guided tour. There are plenty of boats as Sweden is the fourth most pleasure-boat dense country in the world.

3.Experience Stockholm’s Beach Baths

Stockholm is called the ‘Venice of the North’ situated on 14 islands. The city boasts of 30 official beach baths, but just as many unofficial ones. With the heat rising in the summer people swim everywhere. The lakes are pristine and offer both fishing and swimming. If you are up for an adventure, you can hike Skinnarviksberget on the island of Södermalm for spectacular views.

Whether you want to swim or boat, Sweden offers a variety of locations to play in water. So book your short or long-term rental in Stockholm today and come out to play.

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