three rules for international travel

Three Rules for International Travel

three rules for international travel

Three Rules for International Travel

Travelling for work is challenging. Travelling internationally for the first time on business can be a nightmare if you are not prepared. Don’t get caught in a difficult situation. Instead follow our three rules for international travel.

Rule #1 for International Travel

Research the visa requirements and process before travelling and follow the guidelines. One of the hardest mistakes to correct is being denied entrance into a country because your visa is not processed in time or at all. So do your research and have your paperwork complete before travelling so you make your meetings on time.

Rule #2 for International Travel

Learn the basics about the country you will be visiting. Find out the currency exchange rate and best place to exchange money, learn how to count to ten in the native language, and learn how to say simple phrases (yes, no, thank you, and please will help you). Also learn how to find the safest mode of transportation in the country.

Rule #3 for International Travel

Don’t take risks when travelling for the first (or even second) time to a new country. New travellers are easy targets for pickpockets, increased taxi fares, and many other scams. Trust your instincts if something doesn’t feel right. Talk to locals to get suggestions on the best ways to travel, the safest places to eat, and best places to relax.

If you follow these rules for travelling internationally you are less likely to be bothered or denied entrance into the destination country.

One last tip: always check your country’s consulate website for any travel advisories when abroad. Being aware is your best defense against problems and any conflicts that may arise.

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