Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland with

Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland

Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland with

Three Summer Adventures in Switzerland

Switzerland boasts of stunning mountain backdrops and iconic ski resorts. But winter is not the only time to experience this wonderland. Summer offers a deluge of activities for those hoping for adventure. Check out our top three summer experiences.

1. Take a Dip in Crystalline Waters

Switzerland is the quintessential country for swimmers as the next refreshing pool is seldom further than 10 miles. Whether visiting The Bodensee with the local holidayer or heading towards any city centre, you will discover refreshing pools.

We suggest seeing the beaches in Zurich or visit lakeside retreats in Geneva, Luzern, or Lausanne. If you go for a brisker pace to your holiday, check out the currents in Bern on the River Aare.

2. Extreme Activities Await in the Bernese Overland

For those who love excitement, tour the terrain around Interleukin in the Bernese Overland. Here you will find canyon jumping, glacier trekking, ice climbing, skydiving, and whitewater rafting! If these activities don’t tempt you, consider bungee-jumping off a 70-story dam, the same jump James Bond made in Goldeneye!

If you are a James Bond fan, tour the revolving Pix Gloria restaurant on Mount Chilton. It was the hideaway of William Ernst Blofeld in the film, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.

3. Enjoy the High Life of Switzerland

Tourists love visiting Mount Plautus, a 7,000 foot peak near Lucerne. This mountain attracts thrill seekers who mountain bike, climb, and paraglide. Along with these pursuits, many people gather to experience the thrill of the country’s longest summer toboggan run, a twisting and turning track covering 4,430 feet. If that does not get your blood pounding, investigate one of the many swinging ladders and suspended bridges at the ropes park.

While winter will ever be a favourite of visitors to Switzerland, summer is drawing a growing number of adventure seekers. Plan your experience today including one of our furnished apartments to return to after a lively day.

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