Traveling with a laptop

Traveling with a laptop

Is your laptop computer your ‘office’ or an indispensable tool on which you depend for a living?

Travelling with a laptop

Travelling with a laptop

Is your laptop a faithful companion? Are you always traveling together? There are some things you should know in order to protect and use it properly. Take a look on our advises!

Before your departure, we would suggest preparing your laptop computer for the future challenges. If your plan is to have Internet access, you have to check if the security updates and a firewall are installed, so as to prevent intrusions from other computers that are using the Internet. If you need your files fully protected, our recommendation is to encode them or to transfer them to a portable CD. Why not try this for encoding your files?

If you’ll fly economy class and you’re planning to use your computer for a long time, we would say it’s good bringing a second battery. That is not necessary if you’re flying in first or business class, where your seat has a power outlet. Check this to see which are the airlines providing seats with power outlets for laptops, go to.

Before leaving, you should know that is possible to need a plug adapter to accommodate the type of electrical plug used at your hotel. We would recommend a careful reading of the labels on your power adaptor.

If your looking for a place to go online, there are lot of WiFi hotspots around the city. Most coffee houses have WiFi, if you have problems finding one you can ask just around.

If you don’t want to ruin your trip, we suggest not to openly carry your computer in public areas, because you’re exposing to the risk of theft. You should be limited yourself to use it indoors or in internet-cafes.

Being aware of these common threats and preventing them, you can stay connected on your trip as long as you need to.

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