Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Why You Need to Visit Norway This Fall!

Norway is not known for over the top warm weather. Instead, the temperatures stay cool most of the year. So, if you enjoy dressing warm and wearing fall sweaters, Norway is the perfect place for you to spend your Autumn.

Need more reasons to holiday in Norway this fall? Read on for three reasons you need to visit Norway!

1. Autumn Colors

Most people think of pine trees when considering Norway for viewing fall colors. Truth is, there are a lot of deciduous trees too. Not only do they turn bright colors, but even the ground will turn bright red in the fall. The ground’s covered by a soft moss that turns red and orange in the cooler weather. It is really a beautiful sight to behold.

2. Fewer Crowds

Norway has less full-time residents. So when Summer comes it is strange to see all the tourists. In the Fall, all the crowds disappear again and you can enjoy rainy days in a coffee shop or cozy cabin. It is a wonderful time to visit the fjords and national parks too.

3. Seasonal Foods

The cooler weather brings the crab and mushroom season. Some people believe Norway has too many crabs this time of the year, but any true crab lover will never think so! Pair crabs with lovely chanterelle mushrooms and you have a bit of heaven right in Norway.

Autumn in Norway is enchanting. With wonderful seasonal foods, fall colors, and fewer crowds Norway is the perfect place to wear your warm sweaters and blanket scarves while exploring towns and parks. So come visit Norway this fall!

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